[ns] Wireless Mesh in NS 2

2009-02-20 Thread sajeeb saha
Hello, I want to analyze the performance of transport control protocol of wireless mesh network in NS 2. But i do not know how to start the process as i know that no transport control protocol has been developed for wireless mesh network yet. Hope the experts will give me a good guideline..

[ns] Graph plotting problem with tracegraph n NS visual trace analyzer?

2009-02-20 Thread Syed Faraz Hasan
Hi everyone! I am using tracegraph and NS2 Visual Trace Analyzer to plot results of NS-2.33 simulations. When I simulated wired-wireless scenarios last time, both softwares failed to plot its graph. I wrote to NS2 Visual Trace Analyzer's developer and he said his program is not compatible

Re: [ns] Graph plotting problem with tracegraph n NS visual traceanalyzer?

2009-02-20 Thread Mats Folke
Hi! Most often I do some postprocessing using perl, awk or something. This is to get the data I want (I tend to log more than I really need) in the format I want. Then I use matlab or gnuplot for the visual representation. Matlab is of course more powerful, but gnuplot is for free. Regards,

[ns] Multichannel in NS2

2009-02-20 Thread Kiran K Chauhan
Dear Friends, I tried a scenario with 4 wireless nodes communicating as shown (using same channel) 1 2 ch1 3-4 Now when I assign different channels (i.e. ch 1 and ch 2) to these I do get a good throughput as expected. My doubt is, in NS2 when we set the channels, what

[ns] Graphical User Interface for NS-2?

2009-02-20 Thread new2ns08
Dear all ns users, I am third year student doing my project using ns-2 i have only 2weeks left to complete and hand-in my project. To finalise my project I was thinking of adding a graphical user interace to it. I wrote my code in tcl but I don't know what software I need to use to do the

Re: [ns] Graph plotting problem with tracegraph n NS visual trace analyzer?

2009-02-20 Thread Mats Folke
Hi! Look at chapter 3 in http://www-sop.inria.fr/maestro/personnel/Eitan.Altman/COURS-NS/n3.pdf Best wishes, Mats Folke Syed Faraz Hasan wrote: Thanks for writing back Mats! Problem is that I neither know perl nor awk. However, I am starting to learn awk in a few days time. Can you

[ns] make error while recompiling

2009-02-20 Thread Dimitris Liarokapis
Hi all, I am getting an error message while recompiling AODV after some changes i made to aodv.cc. I made those changes yesterday, recompiled successfully and run a sample tcl file to make sure that those changes are having an effect on the results. Everything looked to be ok, until today where

[ns] CEDAR code

2009-02-20 Thread Megat Farez Azril Zuhairi
Hello, I have no luck trying to find CEDAR code in the internet. I even had look at UIUC website but its nowhere to be found. Has anyone got the source code? regards, megatfarez