[ns] how to send an expression from one node to another node with tcl script

2009-03-26 Thread muralikrishna g
hi to all... here i have to send a an expression like (2+3) from $node7 to $node2,... how to make this with tcl script... please help me regarding this... thanks in advance

Re: [ns] UMTS on NS-2

2009-03-26 Thread Mats Folke
Hi! Please post these questions to the list instead. To answer your question: I don't know which files you need. Typically each study is unique, each question unanswered, therefore different scripts are needed everytime. The best thing is to find a language you are satisfied with (like perl,

Re: [ns] UMTS-WIFI Handover using NIST module

2009-03-26 Thread Mats Folke
Hi! Which UMTS implementation are you using? As far as I know, the way to _model_ movement in EURANE is to generate channel traces which models a radio channel when a user moves. As far as ns-2 is concerned the user does not move at all, but because the radio channel changes as if the user

[ns] make error

2009-03-26 Thread dinesh nagare
Hello all ns users, I am using Ubuntu and ns-2.31. I have patched the AOMDV After patching i did make but I have got following error: trace/cmu-trace.o: In function `hdr_aomdv::access(Packet const*)': cmu-trace.cc:(.text._ZN9hdr_aomdv6accessEPK6Packet[hdr_aomdv::access(Packet const*)]+0x7):

[ns] Install ns2.26..mission impossible?!

2009-03-26 Thread blerina
Hello to everyone, I am trying to install ns 2.26 on Fedora Core 8. I'm installing this old version because i need to use the BGP++ module. I tried many times the installation and finally got this error: installation configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables This makes

[ns] How to add trace format for protocol(LEACH)in cmu trace...?

2009-03-26 Thread naveen prabu
in cmu-trace.cc trace fromat is added for protocols like aodv,tora,smac etc.. ..how to add trace format for leach in cmu trace.cc ...?

Re: [ns] Install ns2.26..mission impossible?!

2009-03-26 Thread Arturo Servin
Have you tried to install the BGP++ module in the latest version? May be you would need to modify the make files and the ns-default TCL file but it may be easier. -as On 26 Mar 2009, at 12:17, blerina wrote: Hello to everyone, I am trying to install ns 2.26 on Fedora

[ns] Changes in aodv_rtable.h

2009-03-26 Thread Kiraneet sharma
Hello everyone.. The question is that if we make some changes in the route table (e.g. aodv_rtable.h) will the list macros take this change into account or do we have to make some extra effort. If yes what more is required to be changed? Regards Kiraneet

[ns] wireless LAN tcl coding

2009-03-26 Thread veronica diaza
Hiii ns-users, please help me regarding tcl coding for wireless lanIf any of you guys have any tcl file regarding it or any links regarding it, please send meI want to use an energy model for that tcl file regarding power consumed for transmitting, receiving and sleep modeplease help

[ns] new packet size equal to zero

2009-03-26 Thread sarym binome
hello i create a new packet for aodv protocol , i add it in cmutrace.cc when i run a tcl script and i open the trace file i found my new packet but it's size is all the time equal to zero , idon't know why is this happen?? this is my declaration ## struct hdr_aodv_hello1 { u_int8_t

[ns] MPLS routing-nochange : can't schedule command in past problem

2009-03-26 Thread lukman_hanif
Hi, Anybody knows on how to solve the routing problem in MPLS simulation as shown below?? --- routing-nochange 30 0.0863977154541084: can't schedule command in past

[ns] FW: Re: awk error

2009-03-26 Thread Bello Lawal
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[ns] distributed channel assignment in ns2 from mahendran

2009-03-26 Thread Mahendran
can anyone help me in running the  code distributed channel assignment algorithm by hyacinth available at software downloads section  of website http://www.ecsl.cs.sunysb.edu/multichannel/ can u help me in running centralized algorithm code also. whether ns2.1b9a version can be successfully

[ns] how to add our own payload to a packet

2009-03-26 Thread muralikrishna g
hi to all.. i want to add my own payload to a packet and send this to a node.. there the pay load have to be searched.. how to do this please help me.. how to access a payload in packet.. thanks in advance

[ns] understanding trace file

2009-03-26 Thread Karthik Talloju
could anyone tell me what does 'x' in the 1st field of the following entry in the trace file mean ? x -t 0.037347876 -Hs 0 -Hd -1 -Ni 0 -Nx 404.92 -Ny 144.94 -Nz 0.00 -Ne -1.00 -Nl MAC -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md -Ms 0 -Mt 800 -Is 0.255 - Id -1.255 -It message -Il 84 -If 0 -Ii 0 -Iv 32

Re: [ns] awk error

2009-03-26 Thread Kiraneet sharma
Hello... the awk script for finding the sent,received packets and packet delivery ratio is written below. do the following [r...@localhost ~]# awk -f name_of_awk_script.awk name of your tracefile.tr

[ns] how to access packet header fields

2009-03-26 Thread muralikrishna g
hi to all.. here i am in need to change packet header field before sending a packet from one node to another node in tcl... please help me regarding this.. thanks in advance

[ns] how to check flow id in classifier.cc

2009-03-26 Thread muralikrishna g
hi to all here i am need to check the flow id of a pcket at a node in classifier.cc how to make this please help me in detail..

Re: [ns] Install ns2.26..mission impossible?

2009-03-26 Thread Dalton Cézane
See this tutorial: http://www.matthewjmiller.net/howtos/ns-2-26-install-in-debian/ I think it will work for you... Good luck! -- Message: 9 Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 05:17:45 -0700 (PDT) From: blerina bler...@yahoo.com Subject: [ns] Install ns2.26..mission