[ns] problem while running zrp.tcl

2009-04-13 Thread ANSHUL JAIN
i have run a zrp.tcl file and the simulation after running for 60 seconds give the error as Error in SEND_NEXT_HOP routine - [hdrz-routeindex_ hdrz-numentries_-2] i hav made some changes to zrp code but to no use if anyone has used a zrp.tcl file with no errors plz mail it to me...

[ns] using mac802.11.cc

2009-04-13 Thread mm
Hi everyone I need to make some changes in mac-802.11.cc. I have written a simulation code with simulation time of 20 seconds. for first 10 seconds I need to use original mac-80211.cc without any modification. then for next 10 seconds it must uses my modified 801.11mac.cc. can u please tell me

[ns] Fwd: transmission power control

2009-04-13 Thread Ojwang
-- Forwarded message -- From: Ojwang ojwang...@gmail.com Date: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 7:39 PM Subject: transmission power control To: ns-users@isi.edu, ns-users-requ...@isi.edu Hi all, Anybody who has any code (modifications to ns2 source codes) for transmission power control in a

[ns] Error in routing protocol

2009-04-13 Thread Pop Barbie
I got an error while running my code My code includes three link of same distance and I'm using routing protocol DV when I run the code I got the following error: ns: _o222 unknown-flow 13 10 0: (_o222 cmd line 1) invoked from within _o222 cmd unknon-flow 13 10 0 catch $self cmd $args ret

Re: [ns] how to improve maodv

2009-04-13 Thread Sidney Doria
This is a difficult problem. The origin TCP problems in MANETs (with any routing protocol, multicast or not) is the interpretation of facts by TCP. TCP has the sliding windows technology which reduces the amount of data sent to the destination each time it not receives ACKs as expected. So, in a

Re: [ns] error while building NIST extension

2009-04-13 Thread Richard Rouil
Mariem, The new compilers do not like to see the class name in the include files. To fix it, just remove the Mac802_11:: in the definition of the calFreq function. You may have to do that in other files as well. Richard. -Original Message- From: ns-users-boun...@isi.edu

[ns] Execting NSwireless.exe in fedora 8

2009-04-13 Thread qute rose
Hi! I have downloaded NSwireless.exe to analyze wireless trace files. Can anyone tell me how to run it on Linux fedora 8? Thanks 

Re: [ns] ns-2.33 on Solaris 10.

2009-04-13 Thread Atiqur Rahman
Well, the problem is solved (solution link: http://groups.google.com/group/sunUnix/browse_thread/thread/5645f39cfcffb201). From: Atiqur Rahman atiq...@yahoo.com To: ns-users@isi.edu Sent: Monday, April 13, 2009 18:26:31 Subject: ns-2.33 on Solaris 10. I am

[ns] How to modify NS to get an Estimation of the node available bandwith

2009-04-13 Thread oudidi kamal
Hi My question is: how to modify NS to get an estimation of the available bandwith of node (any simple implementation) I am implementing a new OLSR protocol (based on QoS) in NS2 and want to make use of this in my protocol Please do let me know on this.