[ns] Using the member command() in TCL Scripts

2009-07-14 Thread Santhosh Kumar
I have a nagging doubt. If you look at the code in wireless-phy.cc (in $NSROOT/ns-2.34/mac), or many other C++ files, there will be a member called *WirelessPhy::command(int argc, const char*const* argv)* in which there are commands like NodeOn/NodeOff, setTxPower/setRxPower. How do I access

[ns] help regarding odmrp

2009-07-14 Thread vaishali mandhare
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[ns] odmrp implementation

2009-07-14 Thread kundavi
Hi, I downloaded Monarch's wireless multicast extension (ODMRP/ADMR) and successfully integrated it with ns-2.1b8a. But I got the following error when I run an ODMRP simulation: invalid command name Agent/RTRAgent while executing Agent/RTRAgent set sport_ 255 .plz do help me with

Re: [ns] Mac - Link layer

2009-07-14 Thread qweq adcsad
Well.If u want to enter into the wirelessPhy::command() ,you need to have a wirelessphy object in your tcl side. Suppose the name of the phy object for node 0 is obj(0). Then in the tcl script if u put the command: $obj(0) mystring .. ,the control will go to the

[ns] Color Streams and watch out bugs ;)

2009-07-14 Thread Tom G
Hi ns2 users, I am a brand new user in NS2 and try to cotton up with it. I already got a lot of knowledge, but with tiny details I get stuck e.g. how can I color the Streams? I'm not able to find the error here is my code. # new simulator / Neuer Simulator set ns [new Simulator] #Open the

[ns] Creating a new header in NS2

2009-07-14 Thread Eclipse612
Hi everyone, I'm trying to develop a p2p module for NS2, and I've included a new header and packet type into it. These are the things I did: 1) I defined the new header in a couple of files ( a .h and a .cc) using the struct and the mapping class as explained in tutorials, like this: struct

[ns] tracing wireless simulation using awk

2009-07-14 Thread rizkarina indah
hi, I worked with trace file in wireless simulation. The trace format is like this : s -t 0.267662078 -Hs 0 -Hd -1 -Ni 0 -Nx 5.00 -Ny 2.00 -Nz 0.00 -Ne -1.00 -Nl RTR -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md 0 -Ms 0 -Mt 0 -Is 0.255 -Id -1.255 -It message -Il 32 -If 0 -Ii 0 -Iv 32 s -t 1.511681090 -Hs 1 -Hd -1 -Ni 1

Re: [ns] odmrp implementation

2009-07-14 Thread Sidney Doria
This way to configure a protocol of a node seems to be depracated. :( Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/7/14 kundavi kundav...@gmail.com: Hi, I downloaded Monarch's wireless multicast extension (ODMRP/ADMR) and successfully integrated it with ns-2.1b8a. But I got the following error when I

[ns] wireless and wired mixed

2009-07-14 Thread Τσιλιγγίρης Γεώργιος
Hi to all , I am trying to write a script with one base station connected to a wired node and a wireless node sending packets to the wired node. Does anyone have a similar example? George.

[ns] cannot send data from one base statioin to another base station mobile node.

2009-07-14 Thread Ahmed Erfan

[ns] Droptail queue per-flow rate limiting using TokenBucket (or other mechanism?)

2009-07-14 Thread Prajjwal Devkota
Hi list, I am currently doing some ethernet level rate limiting simulations using ns-2. I had been doing my simulations with a simple DropTail queue (by physically changing the link rate), but now, I am trying to see if I can apply a Token Bucket implementation to support multiple flows in a