Re: [ns] How to send, reliably, a real payload on MANET and prevent ns2 from dropping application 's packets ?!!!!!!!

2010-01-16 Thread Sidney Doria
The abstraction of Packet have a (unused) pointer to a possible payload (APPDATA). You may allocate memory and put the real data structure there. I suggest you use a header variable in the packet (you must create a new packet type for this) to bring the pointer to the real data payload), or

[ns] In which layer , packets aggregation from different nodes can done in wireless networks

2010-01-16 Thread Sidney Doria
You CAN (be able to) update any layer in NS-2. But for me this must be an APP. You may (choice) create a new APP and load in each node. Pass an information (variable) to each node in your new APP to inform if it's a regular node, a sink or a collector. Good luck. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL

[ns] Reg Dynamic Power adjustment in Ns2

2010-01-16 Thread jaya vignesh
Hi, I am working on a geographic energy efficient forwarding(routing) cross layer approach for WSN as per 802.15.4 MAC/PHY standard.I have a requirement to simulate using discrete power levels in ns2 where nodes will be configured with default power level.An on-demand requirement for node to