[ns] tcp connection

2010-02-16 Thread siavash-sh
Hi all I am new to NS2. May anyone send to me a program example that creates connection between two nodes with FULLTCP by 3 way handshaking (SYN, SYN+ACK, ACK). Best regards, Siavash -- View this message in context: http://old.nabble.com/tcp-connection-tp27582299p27582299.html Sent from

[ns] MAC-802.11 IFQ

2010-02-16 Thread sireesha madabhushi
Are the MAC packets meant to go into the interface queue? Yes, they can is what I gathered from the documentation of NS2. But the codes in priority queue are not able to detect that the obtained packet is a MAC packet. I have tried with CMUPriQueue and PriQueue as well but encountered the same

[ns] Urgent - Paper needed

2010-02-16 Thread Rishi Kumar
Does anyone have a copy of On route Lifetime in MultiHop Mobile Ad-hoc networks, by Tseng Y, Li Y. and Chang Y. Please send me a copy asap. Thanks in advance !

[ns] Help configuring simple AODV routing example

2010-02-16 Thread Ariel Bello
I am a new user to ns-2 and have read through just about every tutorial I could find. I used the example3.tcl script from Marc Greis' tutorial (ring architecture that illustrates the use the of the dynamic routing by using $ns rtproto DV command). This file works fine on its own, however when

Re: [ns] running configuration..Installation of tclcl seems incomplete or can't be found automatically.

2010-02-16 Thread Souha Rayana
Thank you very much, I have already installed ns-2.34. It was easier. But , the wireless sensor networks module is named mannasim-2.29. I was told that it works only with ns-2.29. But I am still not sure about the information. I am waiting confirmation because installation of mannasim on

Re: [ns] Help configuring simple AODV routing example

2010-02-16 Thread 許 涛
Hi, Bello I am learning that tutorial now. I typed the code, and it run well. If you insert $ns node-config -adhocRouting AODV after for {set i 0} {$i 12} {incr i} { set n($i) [$ns node] } Variable declaration is not needed in Tcl. Good luck. On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 12:29 AM, Ariel

[ns] installating mannasim-2.29 under ns-2.34, possible?

2010-02-16 Thread Souha Rayana
Hello, I wonder if it is possible to install mannasim-2.29 under ns-2.34? In other terms, does the mannasim version's number imply that the use of ns-2.29 is necessary. Thanks

[ns] Simulate Load Balancing and DNS redirect

2010-02-16 Thread Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Chaves
Hello everyone, How do I simulate load balancing and DNS redirect in ns on usual wired network? May be in the ns-2 and ns-3. Regards, Luiz Carlos. -

[ns] Multimedia Packet

2010-02-16 Thread Shyam Sundar
Hi, I am new to ns2. I am using ns-allinone-2.34. I need to send multimedia streaming through wireless nodes. Does anyone know how to send a multimedia files/packets through wireless networks? Please reply me soon. With Regards S.Shyam Sundar

[ns] Help Required Regarding NS2 version!

2010-02-16 Thread Muhammad Aqeel
Hi, I am going to do Mobility management in WiFi, WiMax and UMTS. I am going to use 802.21 for mobility management. I want to know which version of NS2.XX is more suitable for 802.21 and which also supports WiFi, WiMax and UMTS. I tried to find out comparisons but could not find enough

Re: [ns] Help Required Regarding NS2 version!

2010-02-16 Thread Sidney Doria
Aqeel, any version of NS you choose for your purposes, I suggest you to use It in a Virtualbox with Ubuntu [8.04 - 9.04]. This is the most compatible NS-2 set you ever use in Windows. Cygwin is an option, but: - I can tell you that NS runs slower in Cygwin than in a Virtualbox Linux VM. You


2010-02-16 Thread SABU M. THAMPI
--- *** Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CFP ***

[ns] regarding wireless scenario

2010-02-16 Thread gayathri devi
Hai Everybody, Can anyone help me or provide some snapshots of routing in an wirless scenario. how the output will look like for wireless scenario. The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage. http://in.yahoo.com/

Re: [ns] 2 base stations handoff scenario

2010-02-16 Thread Naga Rajan
this is my code.. # == # Define options # == set opt(chan) Channel/WirelessChannel ;# channel type set opt(prop)

[ns] How to come up with this issue of mac access

2010-02-16 Thread Atif Sharif
Hi All! I want to access the lower layer parameters using my agent (agent.cc).  I am using get-mac-object for returning the mac handle. I am using this command in my test.tcl$ajd0 get_macObject [$node(0) get-mac-object]   3. I have this thing in the ns-mobilenode.tclNode/MobileNode instproc

[ns] regarding errors in packet.h

2010-02-16 Thread gayathri devi
Hai everybody, I have included my protocol in packet.h predefined header file, but while compiling, it produces the following errors. please suggest me some guidelines for rectifying these errors. g++ packet.h In file included from config.h:24, from packet.h:7: tclcl.h:6:17:

[ns] Regarding security in WSN

2010-02-16 Thread M.Kama raj
Hi, Am working in security feature in WSN... Can anyone please help me wit algorithm for key generation using DES scheme.. And how to integrate the algorithm implemented in C++ wit ns2.. Thanks in advance With Regards, Kamaraj.M