Re: [ns] error: NS : code omitted because of length

2010-02-25 Thread Souha Rayana
Hi ns-users. I have got the same error when trying to install ns-2.32 with the mannasim framework. The validation could not be done and the error : [code ommited because of length] I will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. 2010/2/24 ashish tiwari

[ns] bss_id lookup failed

2010-02-25 Thread מתן אלגבסי
Hello, I'm using ns2.34 built from modules. I've tried to run the test case test-suite-wireless-lan-ap.tcl test suite simulation, but got bss_id lookup failed error (detailed error below). Do you guys have any lead on how to solve this? Thank you. Detailed error: bss_id lookup failed

[ns] reg : reading of files in tcl script

2010-02-25 Thread gayathri devi
Hai Can anyone guide me in reading a file in tcl script of ns2. how the data in that file can be assigned to variable in tcl... to make changes in the output of nam. Thank You, Gayathri. The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.

[ns] NS-2 and Ubuntu 9.10: Nam Access denied

2010-02-25 Thread Jethro Shell
p {margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;}Hi, I have installed the latest version of NS-2 on Ubuntu 9.10. So far I have had no issues aside from some minor tweaks. I believe I have done everything that has been needed (changing PATH etc) but I can't run any examples as nam is producing an

[ns] I need help in simulating contention in DSR and AODV

2010-02-25 Thread Asaad Shams
Hi, Can anyone please help me out by telling me how to simulate contention in DSR and AODV protocols and also they be simulated in NS2. Its urgent and i require the details. Please someone help me out. Regards, Asaad Bin Shams

[ns] tcl_find Library Invalid Command Name + xgraph error

2010-02-25 Thread Jethro Shell
Hi, I'm currently trying to run some sample of the sample code within NS-2 but I am receiving the following error: nam: invalid command name tcl_findLibrary Can anyone help? Is this a problem with the PATH? My Tcl library is currently pointing to (replacing username with my own):

[ns] passing parameters to tcl script

2010-02-25 Thread pedro chaparro
hi every one, i have a question about how to check the number of parameters i pass to the tcl script, i'm using if { $argc != 3} { puts Missing parameters exit 1 } but it does not work i got this error p...@calvin:/home/pdro7/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34# *./ns foreman1.tcl

[ns] [RE]tcl_find Library Invalid Command Name + xgraph error

2010-02-25 Thread Jethro Shell
If anyone else is having any of the same issues as me then the below should be able to solve them. Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't work well with the NS-2 allinone package. It fails to compile nam and xgraph despite changing to gcc. The method outlined below has worked for me really quickly and easily

Re: [ns] passing parameters to tcl script

2010-02-25 Thread Sergio Luis O. B. Correia
On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 10:26 AM, pedro chaparro wrote: hi every one, i have a question about how to check the number of parameters i pass to the tcl script, i'm using if {  $argc != 3} { puts Missing parameters   exit 1 } try putting the opening brace in the same line,

[ns] Ali Balador added your name to the directory of academics

2010-02-25 Thread Ali Balador
Hi NS, Ali Balador added your name to, the global directory of academics and graduate students. We checked your department directory, and it looks like you are an academic/graduate student. You are currently listed as an 'unknown' academic/graduate student: resolve your 'unknown'

[ns] Plse help ..In Simulation of IEEE 802.16 Wireless mesh Networks (its urgent)

2010-02-25 Thread rpavan
Hi, My final yr project is on FEBA improvement in WMNS.For simulation i got the patch(Ns2mesh80216) it patched successfully but on installing after patch it gives following error [code#] In file included from wimax/common/

[ns] mac-tdma problem

2010-02-25 Thread Aurel Mihail Ganga
Hi! I increased the 'max_node_num' variable to 200 and ran a simulation with many agents from different nodes sending to another node at the same time from a script. When I run the simulation with less than or equal 64 nodes, all the packages are received. When I run the simulation with

[ns] Fwd: installation of cbrp on ns-2.29

2010-02-25 Thread hitesh sharma
I am trying to install cluster based routing protocol (with cmu extension) on ns-2.29. I have followed the guidelines there but have not been able to install it.. Can any body help me in this regard?? Thanks for your help.. -- Hitesh Sharma Department of Electronics and Computer IIT Roorkee

[ns] Changing node transmission power?

2010-02-25 Thread johnadams986
Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to change the transmission power of a node during the middle of the simulation. For instance, I would start off with the power as 0.2W but then later at t=20, I want to change it to 0.15W. Is this possible? Thanks, John -- View this message in context:

[ns] WSN sending packets at variable rate.

2010-02-25 Thread Prakash Raj Loganathan Sambandamoorthy
Dear Everyone, In WSN, data packets are transmitted at constant interval. Is there any means by which data packets could be transmitted at variable intervals. Thanks in Advance. Thanks and Regards.