[ns] Modifying Mobile Nodes

2010-03-08 Thread Sudhanshu(Duke)
For my project we need certain number of mobile nodes to behave in specific manner. They are listed below 1. nodes participate in routing 2. nodes don´t forward/process packets which do not contain their address in source or destination fields of packet recieved by them. Since node(mobile)

[ns] For NS2 Newbies (Re: Implementing a new protocol in NS2)

2010-03-08 Thread Teerawat Issariyakul
Hi, A lot of us would have got a lot of questions like I am an NS2 Newbie. Please help me. Tell me how to start learning NS2. Well, most NS2 experts would know right off the bat that. It is very explain to newbies what to do. Newbies, you have a long laundry list to do. To help the newbies get

[ns] segmentation fault when trying to read common header of a packet

2010-03-08 Thread Ariel Goldberg
I'm running into a segmentation fault in my simulation. The essence of the problem is that i am putting a packet into the IFQ of a node, but when i take the packet off the queue to be processed by the MAC layer... it is blank. When the simulation tries to read the common header of the packet it

[ns] SOS: Tcl script explaining handovers required !!!

2010-03-08 Thread shailesh mota
Hi , I am Shailesh Mota pursuing engineering in Information Technology at NITK surathkal (India). I am doing a Project on the topic Binding cache management during handover in MIPv6, for Route Optimization. For this i intend to simulate the scenario in ns2.1b6 with mobiwan patch. I need tcl

[ns] vertical hanover between wifi and wimax

2010-03-08 Thread meriem bouzouita
Hi, I'm working on vertical handover between Wifi and Wimax using MIH(802.21) and I'm trying to increase the number of mobile nodes, I'm runnig this simulation (for example I fixed the number of mobile nodes to 5) and it works without any error. But the problem is that there is no handover,

[ns] 3way handshaking

2010-03-08 Thread siavash-sh
Who knows the three-way handshaking process ? A -- SYN -- B A - SYN+ACK B A -- ACK -- B Please help me Thanks, Siavash -- View this message in context:

[ns] interface queue - common header of a packet

2010-03-08 Thread sireesha madabhushi
Hello! Are you working on 802.11 MAC? If yes I need some help regarding the interface queues. I want to differentiate the authentication packets from others and give priority to them. But in the case statement of priqueue.cc, I am not able to identify the MAC AUTH packet. I got the MAC header

Re: [ns] ns-2.34 installation problem

2010-03-08 Thread Sidney Doria
Issariayakul, this problem has been reported by me and is already addressed by Tom in NS-2.35 RC, as you can see in the NS-2 roadmap: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Roadmap You can use NS-2.33, NS-2.34 in Cygwin 1.5.25 (legacy-setup.exe), but to install It in Windows 7, you must use

[ns] Adding Information in Hello Packets of AODV [Urgent]

2010-03-08 Thread 후세인 라쉬드 [RASHEED HUSSAIN]
Dear NS2 Users السلام عليكم/پہ خیرراغلے/Hello/안녕하세요. I want to include some information like *Location, Timestamp, Speed,* *and Lane information (if the node is vehicle)* in the *Hello Packet of AODV*which is periodically sent. How i can do that? Should i include these information in *void

[ns] Wireless old trace format does not show dropped packets?

2010-03-08 Thread John Adams
I am observing a lot of lines beginning with d -t when I set ns2 to trace in the new wireless format but it does not show me anything when I set it to the old trace format. I was expecting to see lines beginning with D. Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, are there any scripts for the

[ns] How can we declare energy level for each node?

2010-03-08 Thread Sebastian Terence.J
Hi all, For my project i have to define separate energy level for each node. Please tell me, where should i declare energy level for each node? With thanks and Regards, Sebastian Terence

[ns] promiscuous mode in NOAH routing protocol

2010-03-08 Thread Peyman Pahlavani
Hi I want to use promiscuous mode in ns2.30 .I want to use this mode in NOAH(NO adhoc routing protocol) ,but I don't know How can I use it Please help me . Cheers Peyman pahlavani

[ns] AOMDV takes 7 switching from inactive route to an active route

2010-03-08 Thread Ariel Bello
I was using nam to simulate a simple scenario the topology is as follow: (1) (0) (3) (2) Node 0 sends traffic to Node 3 through node 2 and is supposed to have Node 1 as a backup path. After 2 seconds, node 2 moves out of range and

Re: [ns] Adding Information in Hello Packets of AODV [Urgent]

2010-03-08 Thread sburiro
Dear Mr. Rasheed For making changes in Hello packet... first you have to change its header file then you hav eto write the code noth in send Hello and recv Hello for using the fields and flags of routing protocols you have to write code in send hello... and for marking the changes and