[ns] reg : Linking errors

2010-03-15 Thread gayathri devi
Hai Everybody,    For linking the c++ code with otcl script, I have included the C++ code and it's object file under the ns2 directory and used make command to re-compile it for the changes included. But it is producing the following errors ... So, Kindly suggest me some guidelines

[ns] Disjoint cluster formation in WSN/MANET

2010-03-15 Thread Prakash Raj Loganathan Sambandamoorthy
Dear Everyone, I am looking for Disjoint cluster formation in Wireless Sensor networks/MANET. Is there any implementation available in this regard. Thanks in advance for the guidance. Thanks and Regards.

Re: [ns] FW: CR routing in ns2

2010-03-15 Thread Omar Ahmed
Dear Mubashir Rehmani, Thanks a lot for your email, I already installed this patch file for CRNs. This add the multi interface/channel in the NS2. But I do not see any facility to perform primary user activity. The number 1 question is, how can I come up with primary user in the

[ns] adding to the common header

2010-03-15 Thread Ariel Goldberg
Hi All I am experiencing a problem when i add a new variable to the common header. The new variable is a double, and my simulation starts to produce blank packets and does strange things when it is there... I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice or direct me towards a detailed

[ns] Multiple Interface Support in NS-2

2010-03-15 Thread Mohit Tahiliani
Hello, A patch for multi-channel multi-interface support has been designed depending on the document named Adding Multiple Interface Support in NS-2 by Ramon Aguero Calvo and Jesus Perez Campo, University of Cantabria. The patch can be found on the following link:

[ns] WFQ Scheduling Scheme

2010-03-15 Thread Youseef Alotaibi
Hello, I'm doing a research in the distributed mesh mode of WiMAX and I would like to use the Weight Fair Queuing (WFQ) Scheduling scheme but I have difficulty to implement the WFQ. So, Can you help me by sending me a part code of WFQ as an example that I can understand it and start mine.

[ns] transmission delay

2010-03-15 Thread sireesha madabhushi
Dear all, How is a packet transmission delay modeled in NS2? I mean which construct makes sure that a packet would be transmitted. If I want to transmit an additional packet, how should I do that? Should I add a new packet type and declare its length etc? Please let me know if you are

[ns] find the current position of node

2010-03-15 Thread Wei Zhang
  Hello everybody, To find the current position of node i I use: int i; double x,y,z;     Node* srcnode = 0; srcnode = Node::get_node_by_address(i);      MobileNode* tmnode = (MobileNode*)srcnode;         tmnode-getLoc(x, y, z); I use ubuntu 8.04, ns2.33. when I translate(use make

Re: [ns] find the current position of node

2010-03-15 Thread MiLo_TUD
Wei Zhang-14 wrote:   Hello everybody, To find the current position of node i I use: int i; double x,y,z;     Node* srcnode = 0; srcnode = Node::get_node_by_address(i);      MobileNode* tmnode = (MobileNode*)srcnode;         tmnode-getLoc(x, y, z); I use ubuntu 8.04,

[ns] Exactly moment of reaching destination

2010-03-15 Thread Larissa Lucena
Hi, Guys! I'd like to know the exactly moment that a mobile node reaches its destination position. I've read and read so many time the method MobileNode::set_destination (below) and I really don't figured it out. I need this to send a packet exactly in that moment. Could anyone help me? Thanks

[ns] NS2 source code for ETX

2010-03-15 Thread JEHERUL
Dear All If anyone have the ETX (Expected transmission count metric) source code of ns2 . Please send me. Regards Jeherul Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management . India

[ns] change compiler version?

2010-03-15 Thread pedro chaparro
hi, how can i indicate to the ns install executable to use a different version of gcc?? ./instal CC=gcc-3.2? -- Ing Pedro Alonso Chaparro Valero Ciudad Politecnica de la Innovación iTEAM - Mobile Communications Group Polytechnic University of Valencia C\ Camino de Vera S/N, Edificio 8G 46022

Re: [ns] NS2 source code for ETX

2010-03-15 Thread Amit Khanna
Hi I've found a patch for ETX metric with OLSR protocol. This may be helpful to you. http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~wlccordeiro/resources/olsr/ Regards Amit Khanna On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 10:10 PM, JEHERUL jehe...@gmail.com wrote: Dear All If anyone have the ETX (Expected transmission count

[ns] problem with dumbagent as routing protocol

2010-03-15 Thread Aslinda Hassan
Hi.. I'm using DumbAgent as routing protocol in my wireless ad hoc network to check on 802.11b RTS/CTS operations. My question, by using the DumbAgent, will the data packet actually arrived at the destination? My problem is, my data packets keep dropping at the sender even when the sender

[ns] SCTP Multihoming

2010-03-15 Thread Rashid Ali
Hello all, I am studying SCTP Multi-Homing and want to perform a simulation work in NS2, can anybody help me that how and from where I can start, I am new to NS2. Thanks and Regards, Rashid Ali Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger.yahoo.com

[ns] TORA simulation does not come to an end in ns2.34

2010-03-15 Thread Mutiullah Qureshi
Hello, I have successfully changed and configured TORA in ns-2.34 (in fedora 9), as learnt from http://www.gidforums.com/t-19724.html. Now, when I run the simulation, it stops at a point and does not finish. If the simulation time is 20 seconds, it do completes but for simulation times more

[ns] getting link queue class prob

2010-03-15 Thread waqar haq
hi to all well these are problems i m facing now i was trying to get nos of bytes currently contain in a Que after searching i have found that queue class contain a packetqueue object that have a protected variable bytes_ i have done this to get a queue handle set queulimt [[[$ns link $node

[ns] BitTorrent sources

2010-03-15 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi all, Would anybody please send me a BitTorrent source code and scripts for NS-2 (like the Kolja Eger's patch) to help my research? The Eger's patch isn't avaliable anymore in the cited link. Thank you in advance, -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Doutorado em Computação UFCG Brasil