Re: [ns] Problem with using ./configure command in ns2 while recompiling ns2

2010-03-29 Thread The Learner
Hi all. I had downloaded a file, from (OTcl linkage) and placed it in /home/deepti/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34/ I tried to run ./configure by being the super user and achieved the result. Here is the output,

Re: [ns] Problem with using ./configure command in ns2 while recompiling ns2

2010-03-29 Thread Teerawat Issariyakul
Hi the learner, From what I can see, the error is due to class Agent/MyAgentOtcl is not define. If you are not familiar with how to read Tcl error message, please read Best Wishes, Teerawat Issariyakul

[ns] Help needed on Multiple interface support in 802.15.4

2010-03-29 Thread Lupe Krops
Dear all, I'm trying to implement multiple interface support for 802.15.4 networks using Ramon's Calvo guide ( Their work concerns 802.11 networks, so I need to make the appropriate changes to include 802.15.4 networks. In

[ns] NS2.33

2010-03-29 Thread meriem bouzouita
Hello, I'm trying to install NS2.33 under cygwin but the installation is not finished and I get the following message: Creating library file: libns.dll.a g++ -DNSLIBNAME = \”libns.dll\” -Wl, -export-dynamic -o ns common/ -ldl

[ns] Hash Table implementation in NS2

2010-03-29 Thread 후세인 라쉬드 [RASHEED HUSSAIN]
Dear NS2 Users Has anybody implemented Hash Table in NS2? If anyone has done that please let me know, i need the sample code to implement Hash Table. Thank You in advance! Regards Rasheed

Re: [ns] energy of mobile node

2010-03-29 Thread deepika jayakodi
thank you very much for the immediate reply.. i want to use this real time energy value in my tcl code. is there a way to access this variable at a specified time by binding this value to any variable. --- On Thu, 25/3/10, darkblue winnie wrote: From: darkblue

[ns] Dedicated Buffers

2010-03-29 Thread t . ashish
Hi I am working on QoS in tiny buffer networks. As a part of my work I have made changes in the drop tail queue management so as to give some dedicated buffer size to real time traffic but even after changing the drop tail queue management I get the same results. Here is the changes made void

Re: [ns] ZigBee routing simulation

2010-03-29 Thread stou
Hi all, Me too i m facing the same problem so please if someone found the solution please help me. thanks all comfort4u wrote: Hey Nable, I am also facing the same problem with this .I also could not find the implementation by ZigBee WG.HAve you found the solution. If so ,Please help

[ns] Help regarding Project

2010-03-29 Thread krishna kumar
Hi Sir, I am V.Krishnakumar doing project on infrastructure based wireless networks in NS2.34. I need some help from u. I need to introduce packet losses( by signal loss, congestion,interference) in this topology. I have some problem in simulating this work. I have attach

[ns] Identification of Malicious node

2010-03-29 Thread Manan Shah
Hello Friends I want to identify malicious node in ad hoc network in NS2 simulator. So i want to know that how can i add malicious node in wireless network so that i can identify it please help me... Thanks and Regards Manan Shah 09924038427 - Thanks and Regards,