Re: [ns] Installing ns-2.28, 2.29 under Gentoo or Ubuntu

2010-04-04 Thread Teerawat Issariyakul
Hi Cesar, I have to not tried Ubunto 2.6.27. But I did try Ubuntu 9.10. It doesn't work. I guess the problem is because of the gcc package in later Linux distribution. Please see the test result below:

[ns] Segmenting the Region for placing nodes

2010-04-04 Thread ashish mohta
-- Forwarded message -- From: ashish mohta Date: Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 5:51 PM Subject: Segmenting the Region for placing nodes To: Hello Friends, I want to divide the Region (can be Grid or any X*Y) in 4 parts to place my nodes. I want to

Re: [ns] Segmenting the Region for placing nodes

2010-04-04 Thread ashish mohta
Hi, Thanks for your reply. So can I write separate TCL script for this and add later like dsr.tcl or other protocol. because I want to take more no. of nodes and want to place them in a manner so that the area will be fully balanced with nodes. Because I want to make a algo in WSN where I need

[ns] Query: how to different behavior of differenyt node

2010-04-04 Thread umang singh
Hiii, Please tell me how to add different behavior of different node in tcl script. regards Umang _ Bollywood This Decade

[ns] NS-2 Packet Payload

2010-04-04 Thread Sidney Doria
For those who want to know how to manipulate a packet payload in NS-2, here is a good solution: (code and scripts available in the site) I've used another approach. I'll make it available soon. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad

Re: [ns] Help: accessing contents of data payload in NS2

2010-04-04 Thread MiLo_TUD
O S wrote: if((PacketData*)p-userdata()!=NULL) { PacketData* packdata = (PacketData*)p-userdata(); char* pdata = (char*)packdata-data(); printf(data = %c\n, pdata); } if (p-accessdata()!=NULL){ data_char = p-accessdata();