[ns] RTP/RTCP implementations??

2010-05-18 Thread pedro chaparro
hi every one, anyone can recommend a good RTP/RTCP implementation to use over ns-2?? thanks -- Pedro Alonso Chaparro Valero RD Engineer Ciudad Politecnica de la InnovaciĆ³n iTEAM - Mobile Communications Group Polytechnic University of Valencia C\ Camino de Vera S/N, Edificio 8G 46022 Valencia,

Re: [ns] energy model in ns-2.34

2010-05-18 Thread Milind Gunjan
i have installed ns-2.34 using ns-allinone-package . i have problem simulating energy model in existing code. have attached the code : # A 10-node example for ad-hoc simulation with DSDV # Define options set val(chan) Channel/WirelessChannel;# channel type set val(prop)

[ns] Leach Energy of Nodes

2010-05-18 Thread ashish mohta
Hi friends, I need to find the current energy of every node in Leach protocol. for that I need your help.. Please help...

[ns] Multiple Interface

2010-05-18 Thread Nirmala Baloorkar
Hi, Other routing protocol which uses the multiple interface as well as the documentation of the protocols. Regards, Nirmala

[ns] How to find and put files in OBJ_CC file

2010-05-18 Thread sumit maheshwari
Dear Friends, I want to edit the OBJ_CC file as follows: Put *mympeg/mytraffictrace.o* and *mympeg/myudpsink.o* in the *OBJ_CC* list How to do this? Please explain in detail as i am a newbie. Thanks and Regards, Sumit Maheshwari IIT Kharagpur

Re: [ns] TCL script stopped with KILL message

2010-05-18 Thread JOE88
HI, I am facing the same problem. I am running 100 nodes, after created a new agent. And when I run the TCl i get a KILLED message on the command prompt. Do you have a solution? Thanks, Joe manoop talasila wrote: Hello NS Users, I am executing a TCL script for my new protocol agent

[ns] Jitter1 and Jitter2 ??

2010-05-18 Thread Ibrahim mohammed
Please what does Jitter1 and Jitter two mean in this script i did use it its working but confusing Jitter1 ?? Jitter2 BEGIN { num_recv=0 } { # Trace line format: normal if ($2 != -t) { event = $1 time = $2 if (event == + ||

[ns] Routing table NS2

2010-05-18 Thread Alexandre Jaron
Hello, I am a King's College student in London. I am encountering difficulties with my project. I am working on a wired scenario for now, and I need to add a kind of routing table on certain nodes. Basically, I want to tell one node: 'every packet coming from this node, forward them to that

Re: [ns] finding location of noodes

2010-05-18 Thread ns2-newbie
Hello, Will you be able to share the ns code for DV-Hop? I am working on simulating an improvement for DV-Hop, so it would be very helpful if I had this basic code to start with. Thanks fawzi wrote: Hello, I am implementing a localization protocol that is very similar to Dv-Hop.

Re: [ns] Routing table NS2

2010-05-18 Thread Sidney Doria
Alexandre, This TCL might help you. Thanks to Priscila Doria @ UFCG (who give me this TCL). Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL --- # Create six nodes set x [$ns node] set y [$ns node] set z [$ns node] set w [$ns node] set r1 [$ns node] set r2 [$ns node] set r3 [$ns node] set r4 [$ns

[ns] function rt_resolve(Packet *p)

2010-05-18 Thread etudiant etudiant
Hi in aodv.cc The function rt_resolve(Packet *p) is to find a route for data packet or for any packet? thanks

[ns] AODV, mobile nodes

2010-05-18 Thread Darya Stepanova
Hi everybody, I need a help. I've created a simulation and it is quite simple: I have one mobile node and 10 BaseStation(BS) nodes. Mobile node goes through by BSs, each BS sends packets to mobile node. The problem is - connection is not continuous. When mobile node goes through BSs num. 4 and