[ns] Synchronization in mac 802.11 !!

2010-09-14 Thread Elham Noori
Hi all, I am working on mac 802.11 in wireless sensor networks, I want to modify it for a new broadcasting method which is cluster based. Each cluster has a cluster head which should be synchronized with its members (just its members). Does somebody have any information and knowledge about the

[ns] Nodes are on a different frequency but can still communicate?

2010-09-14 Thread Lupe Krops
Dear all,   I'm trying to test the following scenario and I would appreciate your feedback.   I have three wireless nodes in a row, 0, 1 and 2. Each node supports multiple interfaces, but for this scenario the nodes are configured with one interface communicating over 802.15.4. A cbr connection

[ns] help needed for AOMDV simulation

2010-09-14 Thread ankur goyal
Hi all, I want to know that to run AOMDV in ns2.35 we just need to change the routing protocol to AOMDV and rest all things will be same as like in AODV or is there any other changes need to made in AODV tcl file to run the AOMDV protocol. Thanks, Ankur

[ns] How to monitor TCP three way handshaking in NS2?

2010-09-14 Thread Mobin Yazarlou
Hi, Based on what I read in NS manual, FullTcp agent supports TCP three way handshaking but I don't know if it is possible to monitor this process or not. And also, I've got a problem with this agent.Could you take a look at the following script and tell me why it gives an error on new

[ns] Fwd: How to monitor TCP three way handshaking in NS2?

2010-09-14 Thread Mobin Yazarlou
Hi, I got the answer to both of my questions.Now I want to prevent the receiver from sending ACK packets to see if the sender send the packets again or not. I've added the corrected script to the end of this mail, as an example for other who might have the same problem. Thanks, Mobin A

[ns] handover between umts and wimax

2010-09-14 Thread youssef baddi
hello : i have to study the handover between umts and wimax , but i don't new the module that i need to install, also i don't knew how i can configure a mobile node with two interfaces umts and wimax. and i need any document that can help me . and thank you in advance --

[ns] Adding 2 Simple Wireless Node

2010-09-14 Thread Ghassan Akrem
Hi, Thanks for previous replay, but I want now to ask about other thing. I'm work now to test the behavior of cwnd on TCP variants, but I use a standard topology with bottleneck and 3 nodes.My problem is to separates this 3 nodes to , wired, wireless, and wireless with handover scenario. My

Re: [ns] handover between umts and wimax

2010-09-14 Thread Ashwini Patankar
Hi, You can go through MIRACLE , a cross platform module for ns2, and it supports multiple phy at nodes (if I am not wrong). Then you can go for Eurane and ns umts extension based on eurane. I hope here you will be able to study the handover between umts and wimax. Please make me know, if will