[ns] IEEE 802.11 PCF script

2010-10-23 Thread alsadik badawe
Hi all, I am trying to get the example script for IEEE 802.11 PCF contributed by Anders Lindgren but I couldn't. Can anyone help me to get it. I found the link but I couldn't access it. http://staff.www.ltu.se/~dugdale/index/software.shtml/ Regards Alsadik

[ns] Regarding Clustering Framework

2010-10-23 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hello every one, I need a help and I hope you can help me. When I was trying to install The Clustering Framework which is developed by Michele Mastrogiovanni on ns2.34 by applying the patch: patch -p0 clustering-2.29.patch I got the error patch-p0: permission denied. Do you have an idea

[ns] help with 802.15.3 module

2010-10-23 Thread Vineeth Rakesh
Hello all, I am currently working on mm-wave Wpan and need to use ns2 for initial simulations. I found the 802.15.3 module existing but I am not able to install it. When I run ./install in the 802.15.3 package as per the instructions it says ./configure permission denied. Can some one help me