[ns] access nodeid_ and link label in classifier.cc

2010-10-26 Thread Aayush Aggarwal
hi all i need to access following in recv function in classifier.cc 1) nodeid 2)link label which i am setting using following syntax $ns duplex-link $n0 $n1 5Mb 10ms DropTail label inf1 plz give me the solution -- Aayush Aggarwal

[ns] Installing ns-3 from using download.py failure to recognize nsc

2010-10-26 Thread ツ Leandro Melo de Sales
Hi, Just run ./download.py and everything was downloaded properly. When I run ./waf --enable-sudo configure, the script says in the end: (...) Checking for NSC location : ok ../nsc (guessed) (...) Network Simulation Cradle : not enabled (NSC library

[ns] plz plz help me.......

2010-10-26 Thread yogesh bansal
hi i have downloaded ns2.34-allinone package for linux. i m not being able to run the wireless examples in this. only wired examples are runnning. plz guide me where is the problem?? in my ns2.34 or the installation of linux i req u plz plz help me how can i run wireless examples in

[ns] which linux (distribution+version) works smothly with ns2.29

2010-10-26 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hello everyone, I would like to install ns2.29 on my ubuntu 9.10 but I face some Difficulties so could you tell me which linux ( distribution + version ) works smoothly with ns2.29? best regards,

[ns] Hi every one

2010-10-26 Thread Akshata AK
Hi, * Please any one help me to get code for 'load balancing and congestion control in wireless mesh network using NS2..* * Please send me the code.* Thank you

Re: [ns] errors in nam and xgraph in fedora

2010-10-26 Thread Dhara Buch
Hello,    I have installed  ns-2.33 in Fedora 13. 1.    While executing tcl script using xgraph, I get the following error message: ns: finish: couldn't execute xgraph: no such file or directory while executing exec xgraph out0.tr out1.tr out2.tr -geometry 800x400 (procedure finish line 8)