Re: [ns] plz plz help me.......

2010-10-27 Thread nicholas mbonimpa
Hi, copy the wireless examples and try to run them in the directory * .../tcl/ex. * * * You shouldn't have problems then. Kind regards Nicholas On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 9:37 PM, yogesh bansal yogesh.uiet...@gmail.comwrote: hi i have downloaded ns2.34-allinone package for linux. i m not

Re: [ns] errors in nam and xgraph in fedora

2010-10-27 Thread Ashwini Patankar
Hello, Well as far as xgraph is concerned, go to the xgraph folder and try to install it manually. Then you will come to know about getline function error. Open the respective file and change that getline to any other name at all places (there are only two places). For nam, try to exit from the