[ns] how does i generate the routing table

2010-12-05 Thread hirdesh kumar
hi may anyone tell me the way of generating routing table in trace file of a node at particular time.i am using AODV routing protocol. thanx in advance -- with regards Hirdesh Kumar C-DAC Noida 09555770603

[ns] I have problem with my installation of ns2.27.

2010-12-05 Thread zoba 25
Dear NS users, I have problem with my installation of ns2.27. I have installed ns2.27with ns-allinone-2.27 using cygwin on windows XP the installation failed with the following error: /include -o Tcl.o Tcl.cc In file included from tclcl.h:48, from Tcl.cc:47:

[ns] How to be completely IGNORED in mailing lists, like this one.

2010-12-05 Thread Sidney Doria
- WRITE A SUBJECT USING LOUD CAPITAL LETTERS. MOST PEOPLE ARE BLIND; - show how are you desperated using enfatic terms (e.g., HELP ME! VERY URGENT!); - put the entire text on the subject field; - do not use please or thank you; - use klingon language or your prefered language; - use a good