[ns] throughput calculation

2010-12-27 Thread Subha Uthayaraj
-- Forwarded message -- From: Subha Uthayaraj usubha...@gmail.com Date: Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 2:43 PM Subject: throughput To: ns-users@isi.edu Hi all, How to calculate throughput from trace file? Thank you. -- Regards, Subha -- Regards, Subha

[ns] WiMAX mesh network - shown an error

2010-12-27 Thread Ramim
Hi everybody, Hope all are fine. I am a new user in NS-2 by using ubuntu. I work in Wimax mesh networks. I have a program, when i run this program then shown an error. Anyone please tell me, how to solve this error: _ num_nodes is set 9 (_o14 cmd line 1) invoked from

[ns] congestion window

2010-12-27 Thread Subha Uthayaraj
can any one please tell me about how to plot congestion window in NS2? where should i refer? Thanks in advance. -- Regards, Subha

[ns] window size

2010-12-27 Thread Akalyadevi Karpagavinayagam
hi, i want to change my window size in the coding. can any suggest where the line resides thank you regards, akalya

Re: [ns] throughput calculation

2010-12-27 Thread c_mpandian
use the following awk program BEGIN{ } { if(($1==r $7==tcp $3==_0_)) { pkts=pkts+$8; Throughput=pkts*8/$2/100 print $2,Throughput } } END{ } Subha Uthayaraj wrote: -- Forwarded message -- From: Subha Uthayaraj usubha...@gmail.com