[ns] create a base station

2011-04-13 Thread chadi jabroun
hi I need to know how to create a base station in ns2, using the protocol IEEE 802.11p. best regards,

Re: [ns] Scheduler::instance().clock() in ns.2.30

2011-04-13 Thread thn80
AFAIK it returns a floating number which tells you the time in seconds since your simulation has been started. molly-5 wrote: Hi all, Can anybody tell me something about Scheduler::instance().clock(), the function returns system time, what kind of system time it returns? Does the

[ns] clone aodv

2011-04-13 Thread zafer albayrak
hello i am working with fodora and ns-allinone-2.29 and i have no any problem for simulate to get the results. i am trying to write my algorithim for manets. firstly i need to clone aodv alorithim to aodv_zaa(changed aodv with aodv_zaa and AODV with AODV_ZAA included all files,folder and

[ns] Pls its urgent

2011-04-13 Thread tellajeera sushma
Hello, Can anyone please resolve why this type of error occurs. ? Please reply if you know as it is urgent. invalid command name Agent/Hip1 while executing Agent/Hip1 instproc recv {from rtt} { $self instvar node_ puts node [$node_ id] received ping answer from \


2011-04-13 Thread bibhu
Hi i need AWK script for TCP/DSDV.. -- View this message in context: http://old.nabble.com/AWK-SCRIPT-FOR-tcp-DSDV-tp31388379p31388379.html Sent from the ns-users mailing list archive at Nabble.com.

[ns] service discovery! Pls its urgent

2011-04-13 Thread wee liang
hi, does any1 know how to do service discovery? pls let me know urgent!

[ns] Where to find the LTE package for ns-2.34

2011-04-13 Thread emna megdich
Hello I am working on cooperative wireless systems, i need to add the LTE package to may ns-allinone-2.34, i can't find it !! can any one help me with a link where to find it. I am blocked. please help me, it is urgent.Thanks. Emna

[ns] How to drop packet from specific node

2011-04-13 Thread Bipul Chandra
Hi All, I am using NS-2 to simulate AODV based counter attack model. I need to drop packet from some specific node. Can anybody have idea how to do it ? Is anybody have modified code for it. If yes, please provide me the code along with direction about how to compile modified code in NS-2.

[ns] border wrapping

2011-04-13 Thread thn80
Hello, is it possible in ns2 to wrap borders? If a node reaches the left border, the node should disappear at the left side and should appear on the right sight of the simulation area. The same question is about radio communication in wireless scenarios. Is it possible that a node transmits out

[ns] how to implement a timer handler

2011-04-13 Thread Kartheek
hi all, I am doing my masters project on ad hoc networks routing. In my protocol I am maintaing a list of packet ids at source Node which are having their individual expaire times. Lets think id1 is added to List at t1 time, id2 is added to List at t2 time. if max time to stay in

[ns] Grid environment (urgent)

2011-04-13 Thread s s
In the name of God Dear friends Hi When we use the routing protocol that made base on Grid ,how we can see it? can we see it in nam or not? Best Regards Sarah

[ns] xgraph (urgent)

2011-04-13 Thread s s
In the name of God Dear friends Hi when we want to run xgraph in our tests, we write in stop proc the bellow commands: exec xgraph out.tr and we have ERROR: couldn't execute xgraph:no such file or directory. would you please help me? Best Regards Sarah

Re: [ns] Pls its urgent

2011-04-13 Thread Teerawat@UBC
Hi, You might want to check out the reasons behind Tcl error messages from the link below: - General error message interpretation: http://www.ns2ultimate.com/post/419191200/tcl-error-message-in-ns2 To fix the error, please read the following posts: - Invalid command name:

Re: [ns] xgraph (urgent)

2011-04-13 Thread Amit Khanna
Try one of these 1. Add location of xgraph in PATH variable. 2. Create a link to xgraph in the directory from which you run your script. 3. Give full path of xgraph in exec like : exec /path/to/xgraph out.tr Regards Amit Khanna On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 9:55 AM, s s parvazt...@yahoo.com wrote: