[ns] awk script to plot graphs

2011-05-02 Thread narendra k
Hi all can any one tell me how to write awk script, that should generate a graph for the trace file??? ex: sent packets v/s received

[ns] caching in ns2

2011-05-02 Thread Girish Padhi
hello, I have to connect two clients to a single cache and start requesting.I am getting this error --- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o18: no target for slot -1 _o18 type: Classifier/Hash/Dest content dump: classifier _o18 0 offset 0 shift

[ns] Forwarding packet from classifier-addr to classifier-port

2011-05-02 Thread thn80
Hello, how can the address classifier access the recv() function of the port classifier? Normally this is done by using mshift() to get a slot num,ber out of the destination node address. But in this case every node should be able to access the port classifier, not only the destination node.

[ns] PUMA - packets are lost even when distance is small and bandwidth is big

2011-05-02 Thread fivos
Hi , has anyone worked with PUMA and knows why this happens ? i have tried to simulate smaller topologies with 5 nodes for example and only 50-150 meters distance and i have packet losses at the rate of 7%-15% . When i work with other protocols like DSDV this does not happen so i am guessing

Re: [ns] File transfer time

2011-05-02 Thread jorge.llantoy
Hi Did you get this information? Well, i also i need it. Regards t.ashish wrote: Hi Is there parameter by which I can know the time when a particular FTP agent is finished with the transfer of a file of some fixed size. Thanx Ashish -- View this message in context: