[ns] tcl : create nodes Urgent

2011-05-22 Thread Tami Nesher
Hello, first of all read my previous mail. I just want to change it's end : the topology needs to look like this n1---| |---n4 n2---|- - r1- -|---n5 n3---| |---n6 n1,n2,n3 tcp/udp agents n4,n5,n6 sink/null agents r1 I create separately thanks. -- Forwarded message

[ns] Sending RREQ periodically, any suggestion?

2011-05-22 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, I want to send out a RREQ periodically from only one specific node, any suggestion? I made a Timer, but How to loop through all the nodes in the network to send a RREQ for them if they are available.

[ns] CBR traffic

2011-05-22 Thread Aayushi Shashi
Hi! Good morning. Do you know where the cbr traffic agent is implemented ?? and how to modify it to add one field in its header??? Thank you very much!!

Re: [ns] CBR traffic

2011-05-22 Thread nicholas mbonimpa
Hi, These two links could help too. http://perform.wpi.edu/NS/ http://perform.wpi.edu/NS/http://perform.wpi.edu/NS/ http://perform.wpi.edu/NS/Kind regards, Nicholas Mbonimpa On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 11:17 PM, nicholas mbonimpa nmboni...@gmail.comwrote: Hi, check in the directory