[ns] [very urgent] Extension for IEEE 802.11p

2011-05-27 Thread chadi jabroun
Hi I want to create a handover scenario using the IEEE 802.11p. I need an extension for the IEEE 802.11p. could any one send me the IEEE802.11p package or a link to download it. Please it is very urgent thank you for your help. best regards, Chadi Jabroun

[ns] issue regarding Wimax patch of Ns2 and sample wimax tcl script

2011-05-27 Thread kalpa sankara
Hi I am new to Ns2. I want to test  difeerent services of WiMax like ugs, rtps, best effort  using Ns2. Can anyone let me know the what is the latest version of  wiMax NIST module and where I can get the same? If anyone has a sample TCL  to create and test  just one mobile node and base

[ns] type mismatch errors

2011-05-27 Thread Kartheek
Hi all, I am kartheek. I am working on CBRP. I downloaded the source code of cbrp from http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tayyc/cbrp/. i am trying to run this code in ns2.28, but i am getting errors as follows in cbrpagent.cc. iph-dst() != IP_BROADCAST error in operator != because iph-dst() returns

[ns] wimax scheduling

2011-05-27 Thread Rihab Maaloul
Good day Can somebody help in implementing a packet scheduler( s) eg: WFQ, EDF, or others...I want to implement a packet scheduler in wimax network. I have the NIST wimax module but it has no scheduling implementation Regards Rehab

[ns] How to initiate connection to AP/BS in NIST 802.21

2011-05-27 Thread Atif Ismail
Hi, I need an urgent help. I am new to NS2 and working on NIST 802.21 mobility patch. I want to create MIIS server in it so that mobile node can directly initiate connection instead of scanning for AP or BS. I need help in how to transfer flow from one interface (e.g. wifi) to other desired

[ns] about handover between wlan and wcdma

2011-05-27 Thread Huang Minghe
is there any body working on handover between wlan and wcdma(3gpp), can anyone can tell me how to build the simulation scenarios. thank you first.

[ns] TCP send sduplicate packet?!?

2011-05-27 Thread thn80
Hello, I simulated the exactly same scenario with two routing protocols (AOMDV and a modification of AOMDV). When using the modified protocol there is a TCP packet dropped. After the Retransmission Timeout of 3 seconds, the packet is send again (time 8.0). My problem/question is, why

[ns] Attatch more than one routing agent in nodes

2011-05-27 Thread Aayushi Shashi
Hi, I'm trying to attach two routing protocols in one node: I have tried this code (Monarch Project) Class MyNODE -superclass Node/MobileNode MyNODE instproc init {args} { global opt ns_ tracefd RouterTrace $self instvar rtr_agent_ second_agent_ first_agent_ dmux_ second_dmux_