[ns] Adding PAGESIS protocol on ns2

2011-07-17 Thread Nathi Zulu
I need to add PAGESIS protocol on ns2 but I m failing if anyone have instructions of how to add it please help to add it. t

[ns] error in awk data extraction

2011-07-17 Thread umair shah
Hi :I'm using the old trace format in ns2 ,I have an awkscript that is calculating parameters for routing ,I am able to calculate all the dropped,send and received packets ,but when I calculate pdf,and normalized routing load I'm getting the error : awk: run time error: improper

[ns] error in runnig maodv script

2011-07-17 Thread Zeinab Rezaiefar
hi everyone I add maodv to ns2.34 from http://www.sce.carleton.ca/wmc/code.html and I don't have any error after make clean and make but when I want to run maodv script that I download from this site I recieve this error num_nodes is set 50 INITIALIZE THE LIST xListHead     (_o17 cmd line 1)    

[ns] getting the position of node

2011-07-17 Thread Zilu LIANG
Hi everyone. I'm running simulation in an area of 1200m*1200m. I use the following code to get the position of the node a and c: MobileNode *a, *c; a = (MobileNode *)(Node::get_node_by_address(index)); c = (MobileNode *)(Node::get_node_by_address(next)); a-update_position(); xa = a-X(); ya =

[ns] WSN extension

2011-07-17 Thread foad salem mubarek
NS2-MIUN:      http://apachepersonal.miun.se/~qinwan/resources.htm this link is ns2 extension was installed in ns2.27 for wireless sensor network can be installed in ns2.34 version? if i went to install two version from ns2 what can i do?

Re: [ns] About Eurane install and the multi_cell patch

2011-07-17 Thread mavi
Hi, I got the same fail when I install eurane on ns2.30. I use ubuntu 10.04. If you solved tihs problem, can you share? Thanks.. F. Demirer pipilu wrote: Hi everyone, I found a UMTS patch for NS2 here: http://eurane.ti-wmc.nl/eurane/ Now I have troubles with the Patch for clean