[ns] Tracefile format

2011-08-09 Thread Payaswini Nayak
hi.. If anybody knows the tracefile format of MIH please send the link for me..

[ns] mannasim using

2011-08-09 Thread ANAS AMER
Dear NS2 users I have been working on NS2.34 to simulate a wireless sensor networks with Directed Diffusion as routing protocol Can any one tell me if Mannasim is compatible with ns2.34 Regards Anas

[ns] : cmu-scen-gen

2011-08-09 Thread zmezm 14
Hi and good day i want to use the cmu-scen-gen node movement generator , to create a movement node file i already made the file using this path $NS2_HOME/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/setdest. and i follow this instruction ./setdest [-n num_of_nodes] [-p pausetime] [-M maxspeed] [-t

Re: [ns] warning: Please use -channel as shown in tcl/ex/wireless-mitf.tcl syntax error in expression $i $val(nn) : extra tokens at end of expression while executing

2011-08-09 Thread nicholas mbonimpa
Hi Manish, Do not worry about the warning message. If your setup is ok, the simulation will run well. From a look at the code lines you've pasted here, the error message is most probably due to a missing operator in the line below. {$i $val(nn) } This is because both i and val(nn) are