[ns] NS2 for WSN without Mannasim

2012-05-25 Thread Manjula Raja

Hello can anybody tell me, whether one can work on routing in WSN using
NS2, without mannasim patch?

Eagerly awaiting for the reply
with regards

Sr.Lecturer, Dept of ECE
BITM, Bellary

Current Status:

Research Scholar
Dept of EECE
IIT Kharagpur

[ns] End to End Delay and Packet Delivery Ratio

2012-05-25 Thread Shahid Hussain Abbassi

Dear Users

Here is the awk code for calculating end to end delay and packet delivery ratio 
while generating traffic from wired node and receiving packets on mobile nodes.
Hopefully it will be helpful.

Best Regards

Shahid H Abbassi


seqno = -1;

droppedPackets = 0;

receivedPackets = 0;

generatedpackets = 0;

count = 0;



#packet delivery ratio

if($5 == cbr  $1 == +  seqno  $12) {

seqno = $12;
start_time[$12] = $2;
#print start_time =start_time[$12]\n $12;

} else if(($7 == cbr)  ($1 == r)) {

end_time[$6] = $2;
#print end_time =end_time[$6]\n $6;

} else if ($1 == D  $7 == cbr  $8  200){

end_time[$6] = -1;
#print end_time =end_time[$6]\n $6;




#print seqno= seqno;

for(i=0; i=seqno; i++) {

if(end_time[i]  0) {

delay[i] = end_time[i] - start_time[i];

n_to_n_delay = n_to_n_delay + delay[i];

#print delay= delay[i];

#print n_to_n_delay= n_to_n_delay;




delay[i] = 0;



n_to_n_delay = n_to_n_delay/count;

print \n;

print GeneratedPackets =  generatedpackets;

print ReceivedPackets =  receivedPackets;

print Packet Delivery Ratio =  receivedPackets/generatedpackets*100 %;

print Total Dropped Packets =  droppedPackets;

print Average End-to-End Delay =  n_to_n_delay * 1000  ms;

print \n;



[ns] awk script handoff

2012-05-25 Thread Sandy Haff

please ns-2 users 
i want awk script to calculate handoff delay in mobile wimax 

[ns] Need help in Ns2 Project

2012-05-25 Thread devilvsevil

Dear Developers,

I am student working on my thesis which is related to NS2.I need help in
project.I can pay also for it.Please do help me.I tried on several forum
but unable to find some who can help me.Please i humbly request to
developer to help me in it.

Here is detail:


Integrate Simulation package in Ns2.33 which as tested in Ns2.28.Need some
changed in Simulation Package(which can be downloaded from here).It was
build with old gcc compiler.need to recompile with new gcc compiler

Merge Energy saving features in this Simulation Package.


[ns] how to calculate bit error rate and packet error rate

2012-05-25 Thread Muhammad Musaddiq

Guyz can anyone tell me how to calculate bit error rate, and packet error rate 
in ns-2. does any body have tcl script for both bit error rate and packet error 
rate??..it would be great favour..Thnxxx 
Muhammad Musaddiq