Re: [ns] video traffic

2012-09-26 Thread RSM_smile
Hi follow those steps : read this for more details : good work ! crosstalk wrote: hi all; firestly, i am pleased to write

[ns] Bandwidth estimation using pathchirp tool in ns2

2012-09-26 Thread abinaya rajendhiran
hi all,i am trying to estimate available bandwidth by integrating pathchirp tool( in ns2.35 but during running make command i got the follwing error message tools/ In member function ‘virtual int RNG::command(int, const char* const*)’:

[ns] TCP/IP protocols in satellite networks

2012-09-26 Thread Erik Chavez
Hi Everyone, I am new to ns2 and starting to do research on TCP/IP protocols in satellite networks. I wanted to know if there were any available scripts to run in ns2 for TCP/IP protocols in satellite networks to get a better understanding of the actual simulation working. I really appreciate

Re: [ns] TCP/IP protocols in satellite networks

2012-09-26 Thread nicholas mbonimpa
Hullo Erik, Check out this link and see if it will get you started. There's SaTPEP, a connection splitting technique for TCP performance enhancement in satellite networks. It employs an interesting acknowledgement and recovery mechanism, just like