[ns] formula to calculate bandwidth

2012-11-01 Thread abinaya rajendhiran
hi can anyone tell me the formula to calculate the bandwidth using RTT in ns2.. -- Reagards., R.Abinaya,B.Tech,(M.E)

[ns] urgent plzzzz

2012-11-01 Thread abinaya rajendhiran
can anyone send me the awk script to calculate bandwidth for wireless in ns2.34?? -- Reagards., R.Abinaya,B.Tech,(M.E)

[ns] How to set ns2 and nam path?

2012-11-01 Thread Muhammad Javed
I tried to install wpan_zbr in ns-2.26, but i got the following message _ Determine ns2 and nam pathsdone ns2 version: UNKNOWN ns2 directory: UNKNOWN nam directory: UNKNOWN Cannot find ns2 You need to install ns2 first --

[ns] NS-2.27 with Cygwin

2012-11-01 Thread Ghassan Akrem
Dear all... I'm trying to install NS-2.27 with Cygwin over Windows Xp...if anyone have a fresh version and compatible Cygwin, please send it to me or just send the link. Best regards

Re: [ns] urgent plzzzz

2012-11-01 Thread Teerawat@UBC
Hi, If you are interested in learning how tracing works in NS2, please read http://www.ns2ultimate.com/post/3995318343/post-processing-ns2-result-using-ns2-trace-main-post Best Wishes, Teerawat Issariyakul http://www.ns2ultimate.com/

Re: [ns] Fwd: [Help] About configure snoop protocol in wired-cum-wireless architecture

2012-11-01 Thread shiny john
how to apply LLSnoop to base station. I have add this line set $opt(lls) LL/LLSnoop buit i dont know how to configure LLSnoop with base station Narendran Thangarajan wrote: Narendran Thangarajan wrote: Got the solution. When the LLSnoop is applied to the same node which acts as the

[ns] how to add LLSnoop at base station

2012-11-01 Thread shiny
Hi ns users, how to add LLSnoop with base station in tcl script -- With Regards, John Shiny.J

[ns] throughput calculation for wired cum wireless networks

2012-11-01 Thread shiny
hi frndz, can anybody help me to calculate throughput for wired cum wireless scenario -- With Regards, John Shiny.J

[ns] malloc Problem in NS

2012-11-01 Thread wben-jab
Dear all, I have the following execution problem, when trying to execute a protocol on ns-2.29. I have a problem related to malloc, and I think that there is something that did not match the kernel and libraries. What could be the problem? Thanks. ns: malloc.c:3096: sYSMALLOc: Assertion

[ns] Deadline Extension: LMPCNA 2013 || March 24 - 29, 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal

2012-11-01 Thread Cristina Pascual
INVITATION: = Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original scientific results to LMPCNA 2013. The submission deadline is extended to November 12, 2012. Authors of selected papers will be

Re: [ns] how to add LLSnoop at base station

2012-11-01 Thread nicholas mbonimpa
Hullo Shiny, Please check out the link below. http://dev.dma.unipi.it/projects/ns-modules/browser/trunk/ns-2.29/tcl/ex/snoop/MySnoop.tcl It's a simple 3 node configuration example demonstrating how Snoop works. Snoop is configured on the middle node, which interfaces between the other two