[ns] error in bcast protocol

2011-05-13 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hi every one, I am trying to simulate the bcast protocol orginally it is for ns2.27 but i am trying to run it under ns2.34 but I got those error I hope you can help me in this issue. this is the error: In file included from ./bcast/bcast.h:63, from

[ns] Clustering Code

2010-10-31 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
Hi All, I would like to perform clustering in ad hoc networks. I have got the algorithm from the base paper. But I dont know how to really proceed with the implementation in NS2. Also please tell me if any clustering algorithm has already been implemented in NS2. If so kindly share the

[ns] which linux (distribution+version) works smothly with ns2.29

2010-10-26 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hello everyone, I would like to install ns2.29 on my ubuntu 9.10 but I face some Difficulties so could you tell me which linux ( distribution + version ) works smoothly with ns2.29? best regards,

[ns] Regarding Clustering Framework

2010-10-23 Thread Bodoor Al-fares
hello every one, I need a help and I hope you can help me. When I was trying to install The Clustering Framework which is developed by Michele Mastrogiovanni on ns2.34 by applying the patch: patch -p0 clustering-2.29.patch I got the error patch-p0: permission denied. Do you have an idea