[ns] ns-2 on windows vista

2007-06-06 Thread Sidney Doria
needed). Sidney Doria 2007/6/6, Karun Dambiec [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, Im about to upgrade to Windows Vista if all my software is compatible. Has anybody used Cygwin and NS-2 on Vista? If you have, did you have any problems with it? Regards Karun Dambiec -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc

[ns] regarding installation of cygwin in windows XP

2007-06-18 Thread Sidney Doria
Geetha, sometimes this issue happens with Cygwin setup. Try to unselect some packages before install. Sidney Doria 2007/6/18, Geetha [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello NS-Users, When I am trying to install cygwin in Windows XP I get the problem as /etc/postinstall/base-files-mketc.sh and it enters

Re: [ns] How to work in eclipse for NS-2 new protocol.

2007-10-22 Thread Sidney Doria
in compile errors to find more needed dirs to include until last compile error has gone Finally, I have tried: Vista + Cygwin +NS-2 + Eclipse but the BEST is: VirtualBox + Ubuntu 7.10 + NS-2 + Eclipse (or gedit and make) With this last package everything runs smooth and easy. Sidney Doria 2007

Re: [ns] DNS simulation NS2

2007-10-22 Thread Sidney Doria
I'm not completely sure, but yes, you must implement it in C++ as an agent. The good news are: BIND is open source! If you only need do something interacting with a working DNS you can try EMULATE some nodes with a real network! Hope to be useful, Sidney Doria 2007/10/22, sura [EMAIL

[ns] DNS Simulation

2007-11-09 Thread Sidney Doria
Two codes can help you, after the ns2 tutorials: - bind (www.isc.org) (a real implemented DNS server) - ~ns/webcache/*( an server application implemented on ns2) Sidney Doria 2007/11/9, sura [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Can anyone help on creating DNS simulation using NS2. I want to implement

[ns] Contribution to NS-2 (Puma multicast protocol)

2007-12-16 Thread Sidney Doria
-adhoc.cvs.sourceforge.net/puma-adhoc/Puma/ Help is wanted* and comments are welcome. * Specifically, I want to make a standard package for NS-2, with testing, manual, example simulations etc. Just like another protocols. Please, can someone help me with this? Enjoy! -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado


2007-12-19 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi Veerayya, looks obvious, but: 1. You can consider hidden terminal problem 2. Propagation? (a one-hop node that, in fact, is far way) I choose the first problem. Try to reduce node numbers or spread them more. Hope to be useful Sidney Doria 2007/12/19, Mallapur Veerayya [EMAIL

[ns] New version of Puma available

2008-02-27 Thread Sidney Doria
into NS-2 (just like AODV, TORA etc.)? Help wanted! -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

[ns] Nodes not receiving broadcast message

2008-03-13 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi Mukaka and all, try to add this ch-direction() = hdr_cmn::DOWN; ch-next_hop() = MAC_BROADCAST; Sidney Doria 2008/3/12, Nur Aini Rakhmawati [EMAIL PROTECTED]: in my protocol code, the addr_type is NS_AF_INET I define the port number as well here is my broadcast code

[ns] Application Layer Payload Transfer

2008-04-24 Thread Sidney Doria
application's behaviour. *** How did you, hard core people, circunvent this issue? And... Why NS2 does not provide this?! -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de

[ns] Ask Google is not a polished answer, isn't it?

2008-04-25 Thread Sidney Doria
. PS.: I'm not talking about your answers to me. I don't care. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro) -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em

[ns] New PUMA version

2008-04-25 Thread Sidney Doria
-2. Enjoy. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

Re: [ns] Application Layer Payload Transfer

2008-04-26 Thread Sidney Doria
not talking about your answers to me. I don't care. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

Re: [ns] List of Wireless Routing Protocols in ns-2?

2008-05-05 Thread Sidney Doria
TORA, DSR, DSDV and AODV are fully integrated in NS-2. They have documentation, examples, instalation tests etc. You can found contributed code here: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Contributed_Code Sidney Doria 2008/5/6 Michael Nye [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi All, I am just interested

[ns] NS 2.33 on Ubuntu 8.04

2008-05-07 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi all, after install the same packages needed by Ubuntu 7.10, NS2.33 was succefully compiled on Ubuntu 8.04. However, I got some failed tests. Anybody else had same test errors? TESTS FAILED: ./test-all-full ./test-all-diffusion3 ./test-all-pi ./test-all-cbq -- Sidney Doria Redes ad

[ns] TCL commands

2008-05-12 Thread Sidney Doria
++)? *** I would like to instruct the node (myself) to join in a multicast group. This call will be done by an APP attached to the node, but the join will be done by a routing agent (attached to the same node). -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o

[ns] How I distinguish a packet in queue is a multicast packet?

2008-05-17 Thread Sidney Doria
If you can access the packet header, a packet is a multicast packet if #define MULTICAST_ADDRESS 0xE00 p-daddr() = MULTICAST_ADDRESS Take a look in MAODV code for ns2. It uses this definition in recv() function Sidney Doria 2008/5/17 王远征 [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, all: I'm

[ns] UDP Port

2008-05-23 Thread Sidney Doria
, the udp.cc code doesn't care about destination port of sent packets. Why? This is a bug? -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro) -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc

[ns] A good FAQ

2008-10-12 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi NS-2 people, This is a useful FAQ about NS-2: http://web.syr.edu/~dchen02/FAQ.txt I propose to include all QA in the NS-2 Wiki. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do

[ns] A good FAQ

2008-10-14 Thread Sidney Doria
must implement a correct copy method to the attributes of your new packet. So the copy will proceed okay. After all, debug is THE ORACLE. Sidney Doria Brazil 2008/10/15 dias thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi Doria I have some serious problems in my simulation When i simulate my routing protocol

Re: [ns] some of DSR parameters

2008-10-26 Thread Sidney Doria
. Take a look in wireless examples in ~ns/tcl/ex folder. Sidney Doria UFCG / Brazil 2008/10/26 Dasha Stepanova [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Dear ns-users, I am new user of ns-2. I am doing a simulation using dsr routing protocols. Now I have several problems with my ns-scenario. I need somehow change

[ns] about Application Layer Payload Transfer in NS2

2008-10-27 Thread Sidney Doria
layer. This section show us how to create them. A critical point is: Remember to allocate and deallocate your payload! Pointers aren't data! They (believe to) point to allocated data. Sidney Doria Brazil 2008/10/24 Zhang Shangying [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Dear Sidney Doria, Sorry to bother

Re: [ns] assigning IP address to nodes

2008-11-05 Thread Sidney Doria
be of type nsaddr_t (IP address). Hope to be useful, Sidney Doria Brazil 2008/11/5 Marlos Marques [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello all, Currently, I am trying to implement an application layer multicast algorithm using NS2. For this purpose I need to assign IP address to every node in NS2. I

[ns] Wireless Link @ 2 Mbps

2008-11-13 Thread Sidney Doria
;# 2Mbps (...) -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Mestrado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

Re: [ns] How to print out Multicast Group IP address in MAODV?

2008-11-21 Thread Sidney Doria
This integer (234881024) is the first multicast address (hex) Ex00. So, that's correct. :) Sidney Doria Brazil 2008/11/21 Noor Asraf [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hello everyone, In MAODV, the variable mt_dst of type nsaddr_t is supposed to hold the multicast group IP address. I am referring

Re: [ns] Problem with NS2 installation

2008-11-24 Thread Sidney Doria
for a tutorial about how to change PATH variable in Linux. It's easy. Put the folder of NS in first place, so when you type NS, the correct NS will be executed. Sidney Doria Brazil 2008/11/24 rtluser [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi, Im a totaly newbie on linux and a couple a days ago i installed ubuntu

Re: [ns] ns-2 installation problem

2008-12-15 Thread Sidney Doria
before (install some packs): sudo aptitude install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev I promess you, after this step, NS-2 will install and work smoothly forever! Follow the installation messages of NS-2. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2008/12/15 Bello Lawal lawalimor...@yahoo.com

Re: [ns] how can i change the pause time parameters?

2009-01-06 Thread Sidney Doria
. What they need is incentive. I propose you forget about it, remove the checking for intelligent life... not found from your email sign, and help us. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/6 Hagen Paul Pfeifer ha...@jauu.net: * Sidney Doria | 2009-01-06 20:19:16 [-0300]: Ok, the answers are here

Re: [ns] File transfer protocol for 802.11

2009-01-10 Thread Sidney Doria
avaiable. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/10 Peter Staab pixst...@gmx.net: Hello, This is not a ns-2 specific question but it relates to my work with ns-2: which protocol is best for transfering files in wireless 802.11 networks (in ad-hoc mode)? I already considered pure FTP or UFTP (UDP

Re: [ns] ns-2.33 Scheduler loosing events

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
suggest you debug with eclipse and gbd. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/19 Nicholas Loulloudes loulloude...@cs.ucy.ac.cy: Hi all, Is it possible the ns-2.33 scheduler is losing events? I generated aprox. 7000 events in a TCL source file and a lot of those events when given to the scheduler

Re: [ns] accessing vaiable of c++

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
You must BIND a variable to use it in both sides. Read the specific chapter for this in the NS-2 manual, or take a look in a real example here: http://masimum.dif.um.es/nsrt-howto/pdf/nsrt-howto.pdf Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/19 neeraj gupta neerajgupt...@rediffmail.com: hi all

[ns] How can I send variable sized packet, and measure the size ?

2009-01-19 Thread Sidney Doria
. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/1/19 Daehee Kim dahki...@gmail.com: Hi, Sidney Yes.. Danny 2009/1/18 Sidney Doria ssdo...@gmail.com You mean the packet size (and content) may be increased or decreased in a forwarder node? Sidney Doria UFCG / Brazil 2009/1/18 Daehee Kim dahki

Re: [ns] how to implement a buffer

2009-02-06 Thread Sidney Doria
My implementation of PUMA protocol has this functionality. Take a look in the Class MessageCache. You can download the code at: sourceforge.net/projects/puma-adhoc Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/2/6 sai krishna gumudavally saikris...@gmail.com: Hello, I'm working on a project

Re: [ns] Scheduler: Event UID not valid!

2009-03-11 Thread Sidney Doria
A good answer is here: http://web.syr.edu/~dchen02/FAQ.txt QUESTION 1. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIl 2009/3/11 Spyros Marinis spyros_...@yahoo.gr: Hi all! I use ns-2.33 and I am running a simulation for wireless sctp. However the simulation stops at the very beginning, and it shows

Re: [ns] How to send a message from one node to another node (i.e. to send an integer value)

2009-03-13 Thread Sidney Doria
://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/tutorial/ Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/3/13 muralikrishna g muralikrishn...@gmail.com: hi to all.. i am using ns-2.33, here i have to send a message (i.e. to send an integer value) from one node to another node, is it possible in tcl script itself.. or i have to go for c

Re: [ns] how to improve maodv

2009-04-13 Thread Sidney Doria
inspiration. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/4/13 vaishali mandhare v_mandh...@yahoo.com: Hi all, I am m-tech. student and doing my project in ad-hoc routing.I was implement= ed one paperperformance comparision of tcp and cbr in maodv.I want to imp= rove or extend maodv which affect

Re: [ns] How to add a new or modify existing protocols in NS2.32]

2009-04-26 Thread Sidney Doria
Yeah. And if you want to add a new wireless protocol, you must see this tutorial: http://masimum.inf.um.es/nsrt-howto/pdf/nsrt-howto.pdf Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/4/26 Gisane Michelon gisan...@gmail.com: You should read the topics VII A new protocol for ns http://www.isi.edu/nsnam

Re: [ns] odmrp implementation

2009-07-14 Thread Sidney Doria
This way to configure a protocol of a node seems to be depracated. :( Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/7/14 kundavi kundav...@gmail.com: Hi, I downloaded Monarch's wireless multicast extension (ODMRP/ADMR) and successfully integrated it with ns-2.1b8a. But I got the following error when I

Re: [ns] How to send, reliably, a real payload on MANET and prevent ns2 from dropping application 's packets ?!!!!!!!

2010-01-16 Thread Sidney Doria
), or something like that. So the packet will carry the payload with it. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/1/14 adel belkhiri adel.belkh...@hotmail.com: Hi dear ns-users,        As I know, the NS-2 Transport API to Application layer does not provide a payload transfer. In NS, Transport only

[ns] In which layer , packets aggregation from different nodes can done in wireless networks

2010-01-16 Thread Sidney Doria
You CAN (be able to) update any layer in NS-2. But for me this must be an APP. You may (choice) create a new APP and load in each node. Pass an information (variable) to each node in your new APP to inform if it's a regular node, a sink or a collector. Good luck. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010

Re: [ns] Required ODMRP, AMRoute, AMRIS, CAMP code for NS2

2010-01-20 Thread Sidney Doria
http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/Contributed_Code#Multicast Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/1/21 soni sunilson...@gmail.com: Dear Sir/Madam                            I am Sunil Soni Research scholar from Punjab Technical University India I require NS2 Implemented code of multicast

Re: [ns] NS-2 eclipse debug

2010-01-25 Thread Sidney Doria
Debug the entire simulator as a unique c++ program (with your code inside it). take a look: http://wcms1.rz.tu-ilmenau.de/fakia/NS2-for-Eclipse.6025.0.html http://tagus.inesc-id.pt/~pestrela/ns2/ns2_debugging.html Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/1/25 Arash Malekzadeh aras...@gmail.com

Re: [ns] NS-2 eclipse debug

2010-01-25 Thread Sidney Doria
Ok, are you using linux or cygwin? gdb in cygwin doesn't work. Linux okay. Did you enable symbols? this step is imperative and you must recompile entire ns-2 with symbols to visualize all step-by-step. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/1/25 Arash Malekzadeh aras...@gmail.com: Thank you for your

Re: [ns] Problems with Puma protocol

2010-01-29 Thread Sidney Doria
Dear Belkhiri, Thank you for your support. The memory leaks are gone. I hope the problems you've reported be now solved. Valgrind is a beautiful tool! Community, I've uploaded a new version of PUMA in SourceForge. www.sourceforge.net/projects/puma-adhoc Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2009/10

Re: [ns] Help Required Regarding NS2 version!

2010-02-16 Thread Sidney Doria
and UMTS. I tried to find out comparisons but could not find enough information. I am using Windows 7 operating system. Please guide me regarding the best suitable version of NS2 for 802.21 based mobility management. Regards -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Doutorado em Computação UFCG

Re: [ns] ns-2.34 installation problem

2010-03-08 Thread Sidney Doria
compatible mode (as win95). After the setup, recreate the icon in start menu (the original icon won't work), or use the cygwin.bat directly. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/3/6 Teerawat Issariyakul teera...@ece.ubc.ca: Hi Lupe, I am facing the similar problem. Both Ns 2.33 and NS 2.34 do

[ns] BitTorrent Simulations

2010-03-09 Thread Sidney Doria
site. If you have it, please send me a copy (or a link). Thanks in advance, -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Doutorado em Computação UFCG Brasil Nessa jornada, o conhecimento será o seu escudo... (Mestre dos Magos no episódio do grimoire de ouro)

[ns] BitTorrent sources

2010-03-15 Thread Sidney Doria
Hi all, Would anybody please send me a BitTorrent source code and scripts for NS-2 (like the Kolja Eger's patch) to help my research? The Eger's patch isn't avaliable anymore in the cited link. Thank you in advance, -- Sidney Doria Redes ad hoc móveis Doutorado em Computação UFCG Brasil

[ns] NS-2 Packet Payload

2010-04-04 Thread Sidney Doria
For those who want to know how to manipulate a packet payload in NS-2, here is a good solution: http://www-sop.inria.fr/members/Mohamed_Karim.Sbai/index.php/research/56 (code and scripts available in the site) I've used another approach. I'll make it available soon. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad

Re: [ns] Help: accessing contents of data payload in NS2

2010-04-08 Thread Sidney Doria
a buffer of payloads as a onipresent entity (like in BitTorrent.patch from Kolja Eger). Many options, but you'll not carry a real packet payload (with everything you want) in a standard NS-2. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/4/6 MiLo_TUD mike.lor...@mailbox.tu-dresden.de: Oh, sorry. You used

Re: [ns] multicast communication in wireless mesh network

2010-04-09 Thread Sidney Doria
Take a look in NS-2 Contributed Code. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/4/10 gurudevi patil patilgurude...@gmail.com: -- Forwarded message -- From: gurudevi patil patilgurude...@gmail.com Date: Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 11:05 AM Subject: protocol To: ns-users@isi.edu dear mam

Re: [ns] help regarding trace file format

2010-04-10 Thread Sidney Doria
May this link help you. NS-2 Trace Formats: http://nsnam.isi.edu/nsnam/index.php/NS-2_Trace_Formats Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/4/10 nikitha v v.niki...@gmail.com: hello everyone,         can somebody interpret this trace file format r 49.979739718 _2_ AGT  --- 5575 ack 40 [13a 1 0

Re: [ns] Adding static routes

2010-05-17 Thread Sidney Doria
Alexandre, The original is a big TCL. This excerpt can help you. Enjoy! Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL Thanks to Priscila Doria (UFCG), who created this scenario script. Thanks to somebody who created the two special routines. # Create six nodes (some of them are routers) set x [$ns

Re: [ns] Routing table NS2

2010-05-18 Thread Sidney Doria
Alexandre, This TCL might help you. Thanks to Priscila Doria @ UFCG (who give me this TCL). Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL --- # Create six nodes set x [$ns node] set y [$ns node] set z [$ns node] set w [$ns node] set r1 [$ns node] set r2 [$ns node] set r3 [$ns node] set r4 [$ns

Re: [ns] memory leak because of payload allocation

2010-11-27 Thread Sidney Doria
Get out of trouble. Use Valgrind. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/11/26 avinash chaurasia avinash.aviank2...@gmail.com: hello all, I have written following lines of code in UDP to transfer mien data over network, but when i run script it eats up all my 3gb memory and 5gb swap too

[ns] How to be completely IGNORED in mailing lists, like this one.

2010-12-05 Thread Sidney Doria
contents with plain text duplicated as HTML: of course, everyone should use Outlook Express; - write really BIG posts, why not? - and finally, never, ever read this FAQ: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1855.html (because it's old...) Help people to help you. :) Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL


2010-12-15 Thread Sidney Doria
in packets. Sidney Doria UFCG / BRAZIL 2010/12/15 Akbar Hosseinkhani akbar.hosseinkh...@gmail.com: Dear all, I want to write data in packets, and check(read) the data on the way to the destination. could any one give me an Idea. any response would be appreciated. AK. -- Sidney Doria Redes ad