[ns] Problem with random-motion protocol

2007-09-19 Thread alejandro gomez
hi:I am trying to run a script in wireless scenario and when i try run it, the progrma says there is a mistake in the command random motion for {set i 0} {$i [expr $num_row*$num_row ] } {incr i} {=20set node_($i) [$ns_ node]=20$node_($i) random-motion 0 ;# disable random motion}Can anybody

[ns] installation of tracegraph

2007-10-22 Thread alejandro gomez
Hi everybody: I'm trying to install tracegraph under windows. I followed the following procedures : Installation instructions on Windows 1)Download tracegraph 2.05 and mglinstaller.exe from the internet 2)unzip tracegraph202.zip to say, c: cygwin\ns-allinone\tracegraph 3)execuate

[ns] plots in ns2

2007-10-25 Thread alejandro gomez
hi every one: I have benn trying ti make some scripts and my goal is to obtain some plots about the packets behaviour. I am runing ns2 on windows xp with cywgin and i hav an example which uses tha xgraph to get the plot. Is there any specific procedure to genearte the file tr and run the

[ns] wfq simulations

2007-11-08 Thread alejandro gomez
hi everyone, i am trying to implement some examples about wfq algorithm, and i already check the website http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~sayenko/ where i found some examples, but it is needed to run a patch. thestepa follow are: 1- I download the patch and the examples 2- unzip in the folder where

[ns] patch to wfq

2007-11-14 Thread alejandro gomez
hi everyone: i am trying to patch ns2.29 running on win xp with the patch i downloaded from http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~sayenko/, i follow the instructions but, i have no idea how to run the make. file or someting like that, i just run ./patch.sh and then i know i have to do something with a make

[ns] WFQ Patch

2007-12-04 Thread alejandro gomez
hello everybody During a couple of days i have been trying to install the patch that i downloaded from Mr Alexander Savyenko web site. I am running ns 2.27 on windows xp, the problem is when i run the command ./patch.sh /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.27 i works, then i try to run ./configure