[ns] Urgent:Assigning Different Initial Energies to Nodes

2011-05-31 Thread Anoop thesis
Hi NS Users, Can anyone tell me how to assign different initial energies to nodes? I have tried configuring each node individially. But for my toplogy I need different energy classes. As an example, if there are a total of 50 nodes, I need first 10 nodes with say 50J of initial energy, next 10

[ns] Perl Script for Comparing Energy Usage between Protocols

2011-02-22 Thread Anoop thesis
Is there any standard Perl Script to compare energy usage for nodes between protocols? Please help me out with this one or a guidance to how one can be created. Thanks in advance

[ns] Controlling Energy and Session

2011-02-16 Thread Anoop thesis
Dear NS2 users, Had an urgent question. How can I setup a session in ns2 such that: If nodes are divided into different energy classes; say E1,E2,E3 and so on and E1E2E3. I want to convey the energy class to the neighbors since the logic is key to enforcing routing decisions. What will I have

[ns] AODV:Propogating Energy Class through Relays for RREP and RREQ

2011-02-10 Thread Anoop thesis
Dear NS-users, Can someone tell me what all files we have to change if we need to propogate energy class in AODV? Scenario: I have formed Mobile Ad-hoc network consisting of 10 nodes with different energy levels. I need to propagate the energy class of a particular node when it sends an RREQ

[ns] Adding a new Route Entry in AODV routing tables

2011-02-03 Thread Anoop thesis
Dear NS Users Had a quick question. My work mainly focuses on AODV. My work now requires that I add a new entry into the routing tables of AODV. I understand that I will have to make the corresponding changes in AODV.h and other related codes for AODV in ns2. *Can you just provide me with the

Re: [ns] Urgent Help Needed with running AODV on NS-2.34

2011-01-31 Thread Anoop thesis
Thanks . This tool is a good help for referece purposes. Appreciate the help On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 5:30 PM, kdcorp khalidst...@hotmail.com wrote: You can use this great tool TCL Script Generator to generate NS2 script via a java GUI, very useful

[ns] Energy for Nodes

2011-01-28 Thread Anoop thesis
Dear NS users, I had a quick question. I was looking at the energy model in NS2 for the sake of my project in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. I read on the states in which ad hoc nodes expend energy namely Rx, Tx, Idle and sleep. Is there a way we can modify the code to consider energy only for

[ns] Urgent Help Needed with running AODV on NS-2.34

2011-01-26 Thread Anoop thesis
Hi Fellow ns2 users, I am pretty new to NS2 and need to learn it for my Thesis. I am trying to simulate AODV in ns2.34. It worked fine for a 3 node example where I could simply give the node positions and work it out. However, i am now trying to modify the 50 node example ( wireless.tcl) for

[ns] Query on Multichannel Support

2010-11-09 Thread Anoop thesis
Can anyone shed some light on Multichannel Support in NS-2 version 2.34? I need some guidance on how we can do it in NS-2. Are there any examples of the algorithm? I am trying to implement a cooperative network amongst uncooperative users in ns-2 WITH multtichannel support? Thanks in advance