[ns] how to create .o files

2006-08-06 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi, I want to add a new module in ns2, I have created file.cc/h, but I don't know how to create file.o (to put into makefile). Can anybody help me with this? please it's important Thanks in advance. Armelle. _ Retrouvez tout

[ns] Urgent! Classifier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl)

2006-06-29 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi all ! I'm trying to simulate a wired-cum-wireless scenario with 8 wired nodes connected to an AP and 6 mobile nodes moving around. But I have the following error: Classifier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o87: no target for slot 1 _o87

[ns] help with TraceGraph

2006-06-15 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi all! I have some problem with Tracegraph, I have simulated a wired-cum-wireless scenario, and i tried to use Tracegraph but i had the following error: Maximal number of lines 1000 has been processed! Error cannot read the file! Undefined function or variable 'pliktemp' Somebody has already

[ns] how to model two state markov chain in ns2

2006-05-31 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi !!! Can somebody please tell how to model a two markov chain in ns2? Regards. Armelle. _ Windows Live Mail : venez tester la version bĂȘta !

[ns] Problem in running tcl scripts - Urgent

2006-05-21 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi! I have installed ns-2.29 on linux environment, but I am having problems in running tcl scripts. When i try to run tcl script , i get error messgae : Error in calling class OldSim. Because of this problem , i am not able to proceed at all. so, please some one tell me how to solve this

[ns] Problem for installing ns2 on windows

2006-05-16 Thread Armelle Gnassou
Hi, I have some problems for installing ns2 on windows. After installing cygwin, ns2 installation failed, I have the followings errors: tcl8.3.2 configuration failed! Exiting Can somebody please help me, it's an emergency, i am about to have a nervous breakdown! plizz!