[ns] WRP and FSR

2011-12-23 Thread Aziz
Dear All, I am new to ns2, i want to simulate the WRP and FSR routing protocols for MANET. I have installed ns2.34 and working. Please send me the required patches with instruction. I will be very thankful to you. Thanks in advance Seeking for kind response Regards Aziz aziz.bu...@gmail.com

[ns] OLSR, FSR and ZRP patches for NS 2.34

2011-10-28 Thread Aziz
Dear All I have installed ns2.34 which have already AODV DSDV TORA and DSR , But please send me the OLSR, FSR and ZRP patches for *ns 2.34* Thanks in advance Aziz aziz.bu...@gmail.com

Re: [ns] 802.11e on caseti Model

2008-11-20 Thread Rashid Aziz Faruqui
, November 20, 2008 11:58 PM To: Rashid Aziz Faruqui Cc: ns-users@isi.edu Subject: Re: [ns] 802.11e on caseti Model can anyone tell me how to implement this model in ns2.30??? On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Rashid Aziz Faruqui [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am working on 802.11e and implemented Casetti

[ns] 802.11e on caseti Model

2008-11-12 Thread Rashid Aziz Faruqui
I am working on 802.11e and implemented Casetti model (http://www.telematica.polito.it/casetti/802.11e/) and need some help. When I run the simulations, I get all the results except for the MAC layer. Has any body worked on that and guide me how to get the said results. I will be highly

[ns] Fwd: LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable?

2008-01-01 Thread Abdul Aziz
-- Forwarded message -- From: Abdul Aziz [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Jan 2, 2008 12:31 PM Subject: LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable? To: ns-users@isi.edu Dear All, I'm using Mandriva PowerPack 2007 with installed ns-allinone-2.31 after intalling validate successfully

[ns] Queue-monitor problem (BUG?), Departures more than Arrivals

2007-02-22 Thread Khurram Aziz
Hi, The tcl code is attached below. I am trying to simulate an M/M/1 queue for a duration of 9000 seconds, and I want to reset the queue-monitor counters after every 3000 seconds in order to obtain confidence intervals for calculating mean queue lengths and waiting times. The problem is that I