[ns] aomdv in ns-2.34

2012-05-07 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
if there is any change in aomdv protocol such as (aomdv.cc, aomd.h etc). i really need your help..please help me because my project is going to finish this month..thank you very much   regards Bety  Barreto Soares

[ns] Fw: Ask for Expert help to give me comment on my result.Thank you

2012-04-30 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
it a lot if some expert people do help me on this way. thank you very much pleas find my attachment    regards Bety Barreto Soares

[ns] average end-to-end delay in comparison of aodv and aomdv in ns 2.34

2012-04-16 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
hi all, here i want to say that, i have done the simulation with various pause time and maximum connection for both aodv and aomdv routing protocol in ns 2.34. i only change aodv to aomdv protocol in the tcl script and the rest code remain same. when i did the comparison of end to end delay

[ns] AOMDV Tcl Script

2012-04-09 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
  Hi all, I want to know that to run AOMDV for routing protocol in ns2.34 we just need to change the routing protocol to AOMDV and rest all things will be same as like in AODV or is there any other changes need to made in AODV tcl file to run the AOMDV protocol. Thanks in advance Bety

[ns] Need awk script of new trace file

2012-02-19 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
hi all, could anyone provide or send me awk script of (end-to-end delay, packet delivery fraction, routing overhead and throughput)? i have done aodv.tcl script and got the result of new trace file format, all i need is to have those metrics to analyze the performance of aodv and aomdv. Thank

[ns] Got error when run example of 4node.tcl

2011-10-19 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
# == # Define options # === set val(chan)                        Channel/WirelessChannel        ;# channel type set val(prop)                        Propagation/TwoRayGround    ;#

[ns] Erro when run ad-hoc simulation with AODV

2011-10-18 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
help to get the result. i really need your help to understand well about AODV thank you very much best Bety Barreto Soares


2011-09-02 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
still in the same example myfirst_ns.tcl, i have changed and do some change but when run it showed that : NAM : NO DISPLAY NAME AND NO $DISPLAY ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE I HAVE BROWSED ON THE INTERNET BUT I GOT NO SOLUTION...PLEASE HELP ME OUT THANK YOU


2011-09-02 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
...thank you NS2 is complicated software and even hard when installed it best regards   Best Regards Bety Barreto Soares College of Information and Communication Engineering Harbin Engineering University Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150001, P.R. CHINA - Original Message - gt; From: quot

[ns] myfirst_ns.tcl still error

2011-09-01 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
Many thanks for the previous reply and solution. i have changed it to ns [new Simulator] S instead of s again, i got an error when i run it after did some change.i'm very new and need any help in this forum discussion.. this is the whole program:   1 # myfirst_ns.tcl 2 # create a simulator 3

[ns] ERROR when run my fist tcl example

2011-08-31 Thread Bety Barreto Soares
  # myfirst_ns.tcl # create a simulator set ns [new simulator]   create a trace file set mytrace [open out.tr w] $ns trace-all $mytrace   create a NAM trace file set myNAM [open out.nam w] $ns namtrace-all $myNAM   define a procedure finish proc finish {} {  global ns mytrace myNAM