Re: [ns] change transmission power in ns

2012-04-15 Thread CHALIDA
How to set related parameter correctly?Please kindly help Best Regards On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM, CHALIDA wrote: Dear all, do you know how to change an tranmitted power in ns2?If i change it,any other parameters have to change also i.e range threshold? Best

[ns] how to set Pt_consume in

2012-04-15 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Can anyone tell me how to what's the difference between Pt_ and Pt_consume in under mac folder and how to change these two value. Best Regards, chalida

[ns] Floating exception

2012-04-13 Thread CHALIDA
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[ns] elect a route in multiple interface

2012-04-12 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Can you give me some example how to select a route for multiple interface in ns? Best Regards Chalida

[ns] printing routing table on file

2012-03-07 Thread CHALIDA
(); it != rt_.end(); it++) { OLSR_rt_entry* entry = (*it).second; sprintf(out-pt_-buffer(), P\t%d\t%d\t%d\t%d, OLSR::node_id(entry-dest_addr()), OLSR::node_id(entry-next_addr()), OLSR::node_id(entry-iface_addr()), entry-dist()); out-pt_-dump(); } } Best Regards, chalida

[ns] configure node for heterogeneous technologies in ns2

2012-02-28 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Can anyone tell me how to configure node to support multiple interface i.e wifi and wimax and let node select which interface they will forward a packet? What is a necessarily configulation(patch,installation,file,..) Best Regards, Chalida

[ns] time series prediction

2012-02-20 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Could anyone tell me how to predict a future value from a time series in ns2? how to modify a code? Best Regards, Chalida

[ns] configure olsr for multiple interface

2012-02-18 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Could someone tell me how to configure olsr protocol for multiple interface?I understand that a configuration has to deal with mid message but I don't know which part that I need to modify in'm not familiar with c++ programming. Best Regards Chalida

[ns] wimax patch

2012-02-17 Thread CHALIDA
Dear all, Can someone provide me a wimax patch for ns2.34 that can install successful? Regards,

[ns] energy model in ns2

2012-02-07 Thread CHALIDA
-t 0.000545 -n 15 -e 999.998607 I understand that -Ne field is when the node send/receive some data and -e is some time after when the node doesn't exchange data. Best Regards, Chalida

[ns] how to measure energy consumption

2011-12-27 Thread CHALIDA
-It message -Il 32 -If 0 -Ii 2 -Iv 32 and N -t 0.182961 -n 1 -e 19.998848 what the different between this two line value, Another thing is the value getting from this tcl is it a comption in sending and receiving per link or not? thank you Best Regards Chalida

[ns] residual energy

2011-11-27 Thread CHALIDA
Hello, Any one know how to find a residual energy left for each node in network using awk?D i need to add energy model in tcl script to find it? Regards, Chalida

[ns] urgently need help on tclawk file

the same.I;m not sure what did i do wrong.Can you help me solve this problem? best regards, Chalida

Re: [ns] urgently need help on tclawk file

I'm not sure that do i need to attach evry node with agent or only a source and destination only. best regards, Chalida On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 9:19 PM, CHALIDA SRIPRECHANUN teddypa...@gmail.comwrote: Hello I'm a new user of ns2 and I need your guys help on it.I'd like to define topology