Re: [ns] Error when simulating the generated files from cbrgen.tcl and setdest

2007-07-13 Thread Hai T. Vu
Based on the error: can't read topoInstance_: no such variable while executing $node add-interface $chan $propInstance_ $llType_ $macType_ $ifqType_ $ifqlen_ $phyType_ $antType_ $topoInstance_ $inerrProc_ I guess that you did not creat an area so that the mobile node will be able to move

[ns] How to access and change antenna setting from Mac?

2007-07-12 Thread Hai T. Vu
Hi all, I am working on an interesting Mac protocol for wireless network where the tower has a few antennas with different directions. They will be transmitting alternatively to avoid conflict. In order to implement this idea on ns2, I have to answer these questions: 1) How to use/implement

[ns] Memory leak in Tdma Mac !?

2007-06-21 Thread Hai T. Vu
Hi everybody, I am not sure but I think I found a bug in ns2. Specifically, it is Mac/Tdma protocol for wireless network. In the example ~/tcl/ex/wireless.tcl, there are 50 mobile nodes running 802.11 in 1000 seconds. I tried increasing simulation time to 1 seconds, and it's running fine.

[ns] How MAC finds out that there is no more traffic?

2007-06-18 Thread Hai T. Vu
Hello everybody, I am working on Mac protocol for wireless network. Let say I have node_(1) with cbr traffic sending to node_(0). The cbr traffic will be like this: start at 1.0, stop and 2.0, (re)start at 3.0 and stop again at 4.0 second. My question is that: at 2.0, how Mac finds out that the

Re: [ns] New MAC protocol

2007-06-08 Thread Hai T. Vu
In your file, you need to define a Tcl class, say MacMyMacClass, which is derived from TclClass. This class is in fact very simple, just to let Tcl know that you have an object named Mac/mymac. After this, compiling ns2 will do the rest of work and your Tcl code should understand your

[ns] How to develop a new MAC protocol?

2007-05-30 Thread Hai T. Vu
Hello everybody, I am trying to develop a new MAC protocol for wireless network. I am composing two new files, say, newmac.h and Out of that, I don't know which files of ns2 that I need to modify in order to make my new protocol work. Please advice. Thanks so much and I look forward