Re: [ns] Help for analysis of tracefile (delfryanto delfry)

2010-08-19 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi, Depending upon the wireless format for the trace file that you have chosen for the wimax module, you just have to match the columns thanks manoj

[ns] Cannot simulate more than 45 nodes

2010-05-08 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, i was trying to simulate wimax enivronment for 64 nodes to get the Initial Ranging delay, but only 45 nodes are receiving the RNG-RSP packet. Can anyone tell why is this happening? plz someone reply its urgent for my project thanks manoj

[ns] wimax throughput

2010-04-30 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, Can anyone tell how can i calculate the throughput in a WiMAX network...? and this throughput should be calculated for the base station plz anyone help... thanks manoj

[ns] seeds in ns

2010-04-23 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, Can anyone tell me how the seed in the random number generator work internally.. i.e i want to know the internal working for seeds in random generator..?

[ns] seeds in wimax

2010-04-16 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, i am trying to simulate the initial ranging part of wimax. for that i need to know what seed is ?.. if anyone knows what a seed is and a good set of seeds.. please tell me how it works in the wimax enivronment.. thanks manoj

[ns] route to base station not found error

2010-04-10 Thread Manoj srivatsav
have not be defined... anyone plz help.. its urgent for my project... thanks all Manoj Srivatsav

[ns] nam 1.12 error

2010-04-02 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, This is the error I get when I try to use nam, or a tcl file that uses namtrace. This right after I have installed ns2.30 in ubuntu 9.10. Any help would be appreciated. sh...@shyam-laptop:~/Documents/ns-allinone-2.30/ns-2.30/tcl/ex$ ns simple.tcl 210 0.0037499

[ns] problem in installing xgraph 12.1

2010-03-28 Thread Manoj srivatsav
Hi all, when i tired installing xgraph 12.1 on fedora 12.. i get the following error when i execute the make command... ./configure excutes without any errors.. [ma...@localhost xgraph-12.1]$ make gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.-g-c dialog.c dialog.c: In function ‘make_msg_box’:

[ns] WiMAX simulation in NS2

2010-03-04 Thread Manoj srivatsav
hi all, if anyone has worked on simulating WiMAX on NS2... please give me some suggestion on how to start.. it would be really helpful. thanks manoj