[ns] TORA error, DSR/DSDV/AODV working

2008-07-01 Thread Michael Nye
Hi all, Sorry to be sending multiple emails to this list but I'm really struggling with this. I managed to get DSR routing working by changing the queue type as suggested by others to CMUPriQueue. However TORA still won't work and I can't work out what is going wrong or find any solutions

[ns] DSR and TORA not working, DSDV/AODV work

2008-06-26 Thread Michael Nye
Hi all, I have modified the wireless1.tcl example with some simple adjustments trying to get some examples working. I have managed to get DSDV and AODV working (although I'm unsure whether DSDV is routing correctly) and they can be viewed in iNSpect fine etc. However if I change the routing

[ns] iNSpect problems

2008-06-24 Thread Michael Nye
Hi All, I'm trying to iNSpect with great difficulty. I am trying with either Cygwin or Windows (whichever will work!) but both are failing on me. I believe the Cygwin install is failing because it can't detect GTK+ 2.0 properly (even though I'm sure I've installed it via the cygwin

[ns] List of Wireless Routing Protocols in ns-2?

2008-05-05 Thread Michael Nye
Hi All, I am just interested to know if anyone has a list of wireless routing protocols that have been implemented in ns-2, and locations where they can be downloaded from? Thanks, Michael.

Re: [ns] can you help me please

2008-04-15 Thread Michael Nye
Hi, That error means that you don't have nam install. Try the command with the exec at the front and see if that works. I think nam comes with ns-2 but if you don't have it yet it is downloadable at http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/nam/ Original message Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 08:41:36