Re: [ns] Underwater Channel in basic NS2

2008-05-08 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi Dewald, Dewald Nolte wrote: In ns-miracle the documentation claims that the underwater channel works and that some basic MACs are provided, but in one of the mails in the mailing list I read that some of the routing protocols are not yet supported? Basically the underwater-miracle

Re: [ns] access dei80211mr rate adapter rate

2007-12-13 Thread Nicola Baldo
ryan m wrote: I have an adhoc network, which I'm using dei80211mr-1.1.1 (with activating the included rate adaptation on each node) to simulate 802.11g with rate adaptation. Is there a way to determine the current rate being used (call RateAdapter::getCurrMode() ) from That's

Re: [ns] dei80211mr dsr seg fault

2007-12-09 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi Ryan, when using DSR, you need to use a CMUPriQueue instead of a Queue/DropTail/PriQueue. This issues is due to the DSR implementation, and is not related to dei80211mr. I tried this on the adhoc_tcp.tcl script and I was able to run DSR successfully with no segfault. Regards, Nicola

Re: [ns] dei80211mr-1.1.1 Tabella non inizializzata 1

2007-12-09 Thread Nicola Baldo
ryan m wrote: hello, I'm using dei80211mr-1.1.1 and ns-allinone-2.31 and I want to simulate a typical 802.11g ad-hoc network, so I set the following parameters to that end. $mac($i) dataMode_ Mode54Mb $mac($i) basicMode_ Mode2Mb With these settings (and several others) I'm

Re: [ns] dei80211mr MAC parameters

2007-12-06 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi Ryan, ryan m wrote: there is a parameter for the mac, $mac($i) dataMode_ $PHYDataRate , and one possibility for PHYDataRate is Mode6Mb. What are the other possibilities, in particular I'd like to know the option for 802.11g multirate, and if possible 11MB unirate. The rates supported

[ns] dynamic libraries on cygwin

2007-10-09 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi all, I am glad to announce that support for dynamic libraries in ns is finally available also on cygwin. Here are the relevant links: The new patch by Federico Maguolo: The installation procedure for cygwin:

Re: [ns] 802.11g in ns 2.28

2007-07-26 Thread Nicola Baldo
Will Spearman wrote: I would like to implement 802.11g in ns-2.28 As announced some time ago, an 802.11g implementation for ns2 can be found here: Regards, Nicola

Re: [ns] Compute busy/idel period of mobile node in ad hoc network

2007-06-26 Thread Nicola Baldo
The dei80211mr 802.11 implementation just announced provides a new idleSlot variable which counts the number of idle timeslots which are observed by the MAC. This variable can be used for your computations. Nicola Ana Turk wrote:

[ns] dynamic libraries in ns2: how to develop ns extensions withouth recompiling ns

2007-06-20 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hi all, at the SIGNET lab, Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, we've developed a patch for ns2 which enables effective use of dynamic libraries in ns2. We believe that the introduction of this feature substantially improves the current way of developing extensions to

Re: [ns] want information about assert() function

2006-07-10 Thread Nicola Baldo
Hai Nam wrote: assert() is usually used for debugging purpose. I think we can turn off this function in a released version but I don't know how :-( From the man page of assert(): If the macro NDEBUG was defined at the moment assert.h was last included, the macro assert() generates no code,