[ns] how to analyse the performance metrics of AODV, DSR DSDV in ns-2

2013-01-21 Thread Rajib Das
* *DSR* *1200* *316* *26.3* *17.6* *2.2* *7.1* * * -- *With regards* * Rajib Das Assam India. *

[ns] prospects of mobile ad hoc network

2011-09-12 Thread Rajib Das
hi friends can anybody help me to find out the prospects of Manet? Rajib Das

[ns] routing attack implementation using ns2

2011-09-11 Thread Rajib Das
if anybody working with this i.e. routing attack implementation using ns2... facing any problem regarding implementation/ coding mail me ur problem i will help u...

[ns] Interdisciplinary relevance

2011-08-31 Thread Rajib Das
Can anybody tell me or suggest me what will be the Interdisciplinary relevance of Routing Attack in MANET with other subjects like physics , Mathematics or any other area? -- *With regards* * Rajib Das, MCA, M.Phil ** Research Scholar, Dept. of Comp. Sc. ** Assam University, Silchar Assam. Pin

[ns] simulation of routing attack in manet

2011-07-07 Thread Rajib Das
-- *With regards* * Rajib Das Contact: +919435987510/+919435375439 *

[ns] problem with flooding attack using DSDV protocol

2011-04-05 Thread Rajib Das
Hi all i am facing lots of problem regarding implementation of flooding attack using DSDV routing protocol. Can anybody help me in this connection? -- *With regards* * Rajib Das *

[ns] installing ns-2 in red hat linux 9

2011-03-30 Thread Rajib Das
hi all can you anybody help me to install ns-2 in red hat linux 9? thanking you in advance. -- *With regards* * Rajib Das *

[ns] problem with ns-2 compilation

2011-02-27 Thread Rajib Das
as early as possible. hope i get these solved soon. -- *With regards* *Rajib Das, MCA, M.Phil* *HOD i/c Asst. Professor*, *Dept of Comp. Sc. Application* *Karimganj College, Karimganj, Assam, India*. and *Research Scholar*, *Dept. of Comp. Sc*. *Assam University*, *Silchar Assam. Pin - 788 011