[ns] how to analyse the performance metrics of AODV, DSR DSDV in ns-2

2013-01-21 Thread Rajib Das

Can anybody help to calculate the throughput, end-to-end delay and
normalised routing load of
AODV, DSR and DSDV protocol. For reference i am giving one sample table.
How the sample is made. plz help me to calculate such parameter. plz plz
help me. I want to analyse this performance metrics. Thanks a lot.

Performance Comparison for 20 nodes packet size 1000 bytes and 0.015sec

* *

*Packet Sent*

*Packet Received*



*End-to-End Delay*

*Normalised Routing Load*






















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[ns] prospects of mobile ad hoc network

2011-09-12 Thread Rajib Das

hi friends
can anybody help me to find out the prospects of Manet?

Rajib Das

[ns] routing attack implementation using ns2

2011-09-11 Thread Rajib Das

if anybody working with this i.e. routing attack implementation using ns2...
facing any problem regarding implementation/ coding  mail me ur problem
i will help u...

[ns] Interdisciplinary relevance

2011-08-31 Thread Rajib Das

Can anybody tell me or suggest me what will be the Interdisciplinary
relevance of Routing Attack in MANET with other subjects like physics ,
Mathematics or any other area?

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[ns] simulation of routing attack in manet

2011-07-07 Thread Rajib Das

i m trying to implement routing attack of manet. can anybody help me in this
kindly give me any code for implementing routing attack and also give me any
how performance can be evaluated i.e. throughput, pdr  jitter?
how can i generate graph from trace file? please help me .. plz

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Rajib Das
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[ns] problem with flooding attack using DSDV protocol

2011-04-05 Thread Rajib Das

Hi all
i am facing lots of problem regarding implementation of flooding attack
using DSDV routing protocol. Can anybody help me in this connection?

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Rajib Das

[ns] installing ns-2 in red hat linux 9

2011-03-30 Thread Rajib Das

hi all
can you anybody help me to install ns-2 in red hat linux 9?
thanking you in advance.

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Rajib Das

[ns] problem with ns-2 compilation

2011-02-27 Thread Rajib Das

i am using ubuntu 10.10. i have installed ns-allinone-2.34.
installation is successful.

now whenever i make changes in .h and .cc files of ns2, i need to compile
i tried with g++ filename.cc.
it shows a lot of errors that the header files which are included in the
files are not available. the files are there but g++ is unable to locate
their locations.

then i read somewhere that i have to use 'makefile' command to compile the
but it's giving me error that bash: /usr/ns-allinone-2.34/tcl8.4.
18/unix/Makefile: Permission denied when i typed Makefile only.

also i am not getting the x11r6 folder at /usr/ location but path is set
for that like /usr/x11r6/lib and there is no folder like that.

i also read somewhere on net that this may be because of the higher version
of gcc/g++.

i am doing a project in black hole attack in aodv  and i need answers of
above queries as early as possible.
hope i get these solved soon.

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*Rajib Das, MCA, M.Phil*
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