[ns] caching the data in nodes

2011-04-21 Thread Thrilok Reddy
hi NS users i am doing the project on cooperative caching in wireless networks.i hav some doughts. 1. how to cache the data in nodes. 2. if any node wants that cache data how can it identify that data is available in that node only. please help me ,i have very less

[ns] urgent

2011-04-15 Thread Thrilok Reddy
hi Ns users hi friends ,i am doing a project on cooperative caching in wireless network. for this i craete a network with 5 nodes. i want to cache the data, i am new to NS2. how can i do it and i have some more doughts. My doughts are 1. during the runtime (simulation) i need to

Re: [ns] To connect Expo traffic or udp via Diffserv

2011-01-17 Thread Thrilok Reddy
hi i want to display my project title in animation area.how to do it.please send me the syntax of this. -- *Thanks Regards* ** Thrilok India

Re: [ns] how to monitor the queue on a wireless node

2011-01-13 Thread Thrilok Reddy
hi all how to calculate throughput using ns2 here i am using AODV and DSR protpcols for transfering data. 1.how to calculate the throughput (AODV) 2.how to calculate the throughput (DSR) 3.how to compare it thanksregards thrilok india

Re: [ns] Your Kind Response Will be Highly Appreciated

2010-12-14 Thread Thrilok Reddy
Hi ns users i got one problem i.e. how to store data(file) in nodes.please help me.i got this problem since last 1 month.any one can reply me.i am using ns-2 for windows tool. On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 1:17 AM, jasmine Nforh Paula mine0...@yahoo.comwrote: Thanks I solve