[ns] Dynamically change data rate

2012-01-27 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi, In Tcl if we want to change the CBR value and data rate dynamically then how it can be achieved? i have tried following code but it takes only initialisation value that is 1000 set cbr_rate 1000 proc record {} { global cb_rate cbr set ns [Simulator instance] set $cb_rate

[ns] getting values from trace file during execution of tcl script

2012-01-21 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi, during execution of tcl script, is there some way to get values from trace file (e.g number of sent packets) after a specific time interval (e.g.3ms)? I need to write a function to count number of sent/received packets or bytes after every 2ms. I hope many researchers are present at this

[ns] using threshold.cc

2012-01-08 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi, Kindly tell me how to use threshold.cc. After execution how to get the threshold values? I am using Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g card specifications to get RXThreshold, Transmit power etc for 802.11a simulation. How i can get CSThreshold? 2ndly when i use RXThreshold and transmit power

[ns] need help regarding Mac/802.11Ext

2012-01-02 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi, I need guidance for using Mac/802.11Ext. 1) How to set different data rates while using Mac/802.11Ext? 2) What does the following parameter mean? * Phy/WirelessPhyExt set noise_floor_ 2.512e-13 ;#-96 dBm for 10MHz bandwidth* does it change with different

[ns] Help for simulating 802.11a data rates

2012-01-02 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi, Can anyone help me about simulating data rates of 802.11a with their respective modulation schemes (BPSK, QPSK, QAM) There are patches available e.g. 802.11Ext and dei80211mr but the information about them is not enough. 802.11Ext provides limited coding schemes and it has skipped BPSK3/4,

[ns] CBR rate and data rate

2011-12-28 Thread Zubiya ..
Hi! I want to know that for different data rate how to select cbr trate? for different data rates of 802.11a and 802.11b what should be cbr value Thanks in advance -- Regards

[ns] Fwd: CBR rate and data rate

2011-12-28 Thread Zubiya ..
-- Forwarded message -- From: Zubiya .. zubi...@gmail.com Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 9:12 PM Subject: CBR rate and data rate To: ns-users@isi.edu Hi! I want to know that for different data rates how to select cbr rate? for different data rates of 802.11a and 802.11b what should

Re: [ns] RE : regarding wireless network

2011-09-19 Thread Zubiya ..
hi, you need to declare val(x). as val(x) has been used without declaring it. Regards On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 6:52 PM, Dineshkumar Dinesh dinesh_...@ymail.comwrote: hello, while executing the simple-wireless.tcl file i got the following error i dont know how to remove that error,,if u

[ns] 802.11a channels in ns2

2011-09-15 Thread Zubiya ..
Hello! i want to ask about the Ns2 support for 802.11a channels. How we can switch to different channels in 802.11a? Also 802.11a support different data rates and there are 7 different data transmission modes ranging from 6Mbps to 54Mbps. How to select different data modes of 802.11a in ns2?