Re: [ns] i need help pls

2007-08-14 Thread aaa
Hi there, check those two links...they may help you in your work... good luck.. Ashraf Bourawy. On 8/14/07, kenneth nwizege [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: am working on QOS

[ns] How to Install FHCF on NS-2

2007-07-21 Thread aaa
Hi ns-users, Finally, I managed to resolve the problems with the installation of the fhcf scheme.. If anyone has a problem installing it, i will be more than happy to help :-) Anyways, i will post the right steps for the installation as soon as i have some free time... Best regards, Ashraf

[ns] FHCF implementation in NS2

2007-07-20 Thread aaa
Hi all, please, this is urgent !! I am conducting some experimental work on scheduling in IEEE 802.11e (HCF). I have downloaded the FHCF scheme by Qiang Ni from I followed the instructions but it seemed there were some problems regarding compilation. My