[ns] ns2.29 installation

2011-11-16 Thread charanpreet singh
Hi everyone, I just want to know if anyone has any link of blog or site that tells step by step procedure of installing ns2.29 on fedora 13. if anyone knows it i would appreciate if it can be mailed in as a reply to this. Thanks and regards Charanpreet Singh

[ns] error in patching

2011-10-24 Thread charanpreet singh
file ns-2.33_patched/common/t_timers.h does anyone know what does Hunk #1 FAILED at 70 means?? How to resolve this error?? Thanks and regards Charanpreet Singh

[ns] error in mesh.tcl

2011-10-09 Thread charanpreet singh
Hi everyone I am getting this error when am running mesh.tcl from the wimax patch ( http://cng1.iet.unipi.it/wiki/index.php/Ns2mesh80216) with ns-2.33 (_o4 cmd line 1) invoked from within _o4 cmd run-identifier 1 invoked from within catch $self cmd $args ret invoked from within if

[ns] error running mesh.tcl

2011-10-03 Thread charanpreet singh
Hi everyone, I am trying to work in Wimax mesh architecture for which i am using ns 2.33 and ns2mesh patch which i downloaded from this site: http://cng1.iet.unipi.it/wiki/index.php/Ns2mesh80216 but as i try to run the mesh.tcl example i get an error which says: warning: using backward

[ns] uninstall ns 2.34

2011-09-23 Thread charanpreet singh
hey everyone, does anyone here know how to uninstall ns 2.34. i need to install ns2.33 after that.

[ns] wimax mesh

2011-09-20 Thread charanpreet singh
Hey everyone Anyone having the patch for wimax in mesh architecture. If anyone has it can he/she please give it to me i am not able to download it from http://cng1.iet.unipi.it/wiki/index.php/Ns2mesh80216 there server seems to be down. I will be really grateful. Thanks and regards Charanpreet