[ns] Which UMTS extension is the best to transport my video data .

2007-12-20 Thread jiali peng


I want to simulate an UMTS network to transport video data from
UE ( an mobile equipment) to the host in Internet.

It means the UE will transmit data via up-link.

I have investigated some UMTS extensions to ns-2.

The UMTS extensions I've found are listed as follows:





I personally prefer to the first.But I'm still not so sure which is suitable
for my application.

I need your help. And if there is a more suitable one, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

[ns] looking for script of tfrc wireless or multfrc

2007-12-13 Thread jiali peng

Hi all,

I am looking for script of tfrc wireless or multfrc for research use.

Could you help me?

Best regards!


[ns] streaming video over wireless networks

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng

Hi,every body!
I want to streaming video over wireless networks.But I am a ns2 newbie.

Would you give me some suggestions?

[ns] help:simulate gprs network

2007-12-09 Thread jiali peng

hi, everybody!

I want to simulate the gprs network.I've download the

But I dont know how to begin my work.

Would anyone give me some suggestion?


Cecilia P.