Re: [ns] voice traffic in wireless network.

2012-07-06 Thread jusme
Hi, Does anyone knows how to simulate voice traffic for 802.11 network. How is the voice traffic created? Please help, urgent. Thank you. -- View this message in context: Sent from the ns-users mailing

[ns] Multimedia applications over wireless LAN

2012-06-01 Thread jusme
Hi, I need help. Does anyone have the tcl script to measure the performance of multimedia applications in WiFi networks(802.11). to study the performance (eg, throughput and delay) of voice and video data. I need to create a ns2 simulation, but i have no idea how to do it. I would appreciate

[ns] help in installing ns2

2012-05-22 Thread jusme
Hi, I am using ns2 on cygwin in Win XP. I had finish installing cygwin and ns2, and done a validate test. But there is this error: validate overall report: some tests failed: ./test-all-webtraf ./test-all-simultaneous to re-run a specific test, cd tcl/test; ./test-all-TEST-NAME How can