Re: [ns] Ns-users Digest, Vol 45, Issue 4

2007-09-05 Thread kenneth nwizege
i have a problem the foloowing problem in NS2 (1) How to allocate buffer size (2) why is that +(Enqueue) and - (Dequeue) in trace files are sometime the same, when Enqueue means Arrival at the queue and Dequeue is departing , what is the reeason behind this? (3) How do i calculate

Re: [ns] Ns-users Digest, Vol 44, Issue 32

2007-08-30 Thread kenneth nwizege
i want to simulate a wireless network and apply CLASSBASE QUEUE as the scheduing algorithm, can any one help me out wth code for this? [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Send Ns-users mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit

[ns] i need help pls

2007-08-14 Thread kenneth nwizege
am working on QOS ISSUES FOR VOIP OVER WI-FI, and i need to use a class -based queue to schedule my voice and data. so that i give high priority to VOICE and low to DATA. pls am new to NS2 and my time is near for submission, can anyone help me with code, or what i should do to acheive this,