[ns] User arrival pattern (poisson distribution)

2009-04-22 Thread obaid abbasi
Hi, I want to simulate a scenario related to video streaming. I want that Nodes enter the network, should follow poisson distribution. Any one having idea about this? Regards, Ubaid Ahmed

Re: [ns] How to get incoming packets source and destination address

2009-03-11 Thread obaid abbasi
Hello, In the receive recv(Packet* p, Handler*) function of agent You can easily access the IP header of a packet. hdr_ip* iph = hdr_ip::access(p); You can get source ( iph-src_.addr_) and destination (iph-dst_.addr_) address. Regards, Ubaid Abbasi INRIA-CNRS Lab (LaBRI) University Of

[ns] TCL Commands

2009-02-17 Thread obaid abbasi
Hi, How can I find the complete list of TCL commands available in NS2? Regards, Ubaid

[ns] P2P Tracker in NS2

2009-02-13 Thread obaid abbasi
Hi, Anyone has implemented P2P tracker in NS2.Any suggection for its implementation. Best Regards, Ubaid

[ns] Deleting node at runtime

2009-01-16 Thread obaid abbasi
Hi, Is it possible to delete a node at run time.For example I have created a node set node1 [$ns node]. I want to remove this node from topology after 30 seconds of simulation time executed. Do you know any TCL command for deleting a node at runtime. Thanks a lot for your response. BR

[ns] storing packets

2009-01-06 Thread obaid abbasi
I want to store all packets send by a source node to destination node, so that I can resend the missing packets. How can I store the packets sent by source node. Thanks for your response. BR Ubaid

[ns] Push Pull (P2P) Implementation in NS2

2008-12-30 Thread obaid abbasi
Hello, Anyone has implemented the push, pull mechanism (P2P and streaming) in NS2. Kindly guide me. Thanking you in anticipation. Best Regards, Ubaid Abbasi

[ns] Passing unsigned char to setdata()

2008-12-30 Thread obaid abbasi
Hello I want to send an unsigned character (let say temp) to the function setdata(). This function is in packet.h. Normally this function accept APPData* values. Kindly suggest how can i pass unsigned chracter to it. Thanks a lot for your response. Ubaid

[ns] Inserting userdata in packet

2008-12-22 Thread obaid abbasi
Hello, I want to insert an array of number like buffer [30] in the data part of packet (RTP packet). Kindly tell me how can i insert the desired data in buffer. Thanking you in anticipation BR Ubaid