[ns] datarate from tracefile

2006-08-09 Thread sxroy1
i) can someone please tell me how to measure the datarate from the trace file. I am using ns2.1b7a, and i have set the mac trace on, and the packet size is 1000bytes, and i set the dataRate at 11Mb in the tcl file. i want to see if the datarate is actually working or not. I searched the

[ns] routing outside the subnet.

2006-03-30 Thread sxroy1
under the dsdv.cc file there is a function which drops the packet if its destined for outside the given subnet, the function is as follows: DSDV_Agent::diff_subnet(int dst) { char* dstnet = Address::instance().get_subnetaddr(dst); if (subnet_ != NULL) { if

[ns] packet forwarding .

2006-03-29 Thread sxroy1
I am trying to forward a packet with OAR protocol running outside the subnet where the protocol is running. The OAR protocol has the dsdv.cc file modified and under the DSDV_Agent::forwardPacket (Packet * p) the modification done is // Bypass Routing if (!dsdv_active_){

[ns] routing from out of range.

2006-03-07 Thread sxroy1
I am trying to simulate OAR protocol in a wireless network.. now the issue i am goin throgh is, i have 4 nodes, like in the diagram below. 1 | |--50 mts | 0 | |50 mts | 2 | |-200 mts | 3 here node 3 is out of range of node 0. I try to attach 3 cbr traffic